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1 day ago

Baked some coconut rice with some mixed veg to go with the madras from last week. Love intermittent fasting I love omad more!!

1 week ago

I haven’t posted in a while. Because well life 🤷🏽‍♀️ The past 16 days I have really got my mind back to where it needs to be and really focused on my nutrition and workout. I have lost 6kgs/13llbs and waist has gone from 34 to 30. I am consistently doing intermittent fasting/OMAD (One Meal A Day) not restricting what I eat and no longer counting macros. At the gym I’m doing the PHUL program which is 4 days of weight lifting. I have two rest days which I ensure are active rests. Today was one of my rest days and I did INSANITY ABS. Going to break my 40 hour fast with this homemade slow cooker beef madras with rice and a wrap. I usually only fast 23 hours a day. And no I’m not starving myself. Look up DR Fung and his work on autophagy and fasting. All science based using HUMAN studies.

8 months ago

PR ALERT 🚨 I have been back at the gym for a couple of months now and slowly working on my strength 💪🏽 I did 185llb/84kgs for two reps. I actually ended up doing 195llbs/88kg for one rep. Been following Anabolic Fasting and Get Stacked program by @corygfitness also down 4kgs so far.

8 months ago

Steak and Egg toast is from @toastiesbybbb breaking my intermittent fasting a little earlier today well worth it 👌🏽

9 months ago

Last night I broke my fast with Chicken Jalfrezi on a bed of brown rice with peas and carrots! I love intermittent fasting!!!

9 months ago

Last night I had minced chicken fried rice to break my fast. It was so yummy 😋 🤤 I don’t know why I ever stopped intermittent fasting! I’ve already stopped eating just because I felt like it and when I do get down to eating I enjoy it and I am full and not opening the kitchen every 30 mins for what else to eat. This is really going to help with my long term fitness goals!

9 months ago

So I’ve gone back to intermittent fasting and made this nice king prawn stir fry to break my fast. I like to eat big so sticking to one meal a day. Reaching your goals means opting for a way of life you can sustain forever. No fad diets, no quick fixes.

10 months ago

Using MyFitnessPal I set my goals for Monday to Thursday lower (however always maintaining the same amount of protein) so that I can enjoy my weekends. I’ve always been the type to treat myself on the weekend because why not🤷🏽‍♀️ but then end up blowing my fitness goal. So I decide to keep it tight Monday to Thursday and enjoy more calories over the weekend without binging without exceeding my caloric allowance thereby still achieving my fitness goal. Win win 🙌🏽 Carbs/Fat/Protein/ Calories** #carbs #protein #fat #macro_perfection

1 year ago

All meals prepared for the next 7 days! Nutrition is key in this journey and with such a busy schedule with work and life I reserved 2 hours over the weekend to ensure I had ready meals that I could just chuck in the microwave rather than opting for a quick option. 🍱🍱

1 year ago

I nearly decided to skip cardio today! But I wasn’t going to break my resolve! Been to the gym 3/3 so far this week. Down 2kgs in the scale and nearly hit my step goals for the day already by 6:31am! Today was a 35min run on the treadmill and then spin class 🚲 😅

1 year ago

Early Morning workout. Working out first thing in the morning gives me a lot more energy throughout the day it also helps me stay compliant with my nutrition goals. Find out what works for you and stick to it.

1 year ago

Happy New Year Guys! I was pretty MIA for the latter part of 2017, work, life and all! Coming into 2018 I asked myself what do I want! I will not make resolutions however the key word/Moto for me this coming year is ‘consistency’ & ‘self love’. I hit the gym this am for the first time in a while. Felt great and looking forward to what this year has to bring

1 year ago

So maybe you over ate a little this weekend? Let go of the guilt and start afresh! Don’t ever let one day of the wrong choices turn into weeks or months!

1 year ago

Sticking to 1400 calories during the week is well worth my being able to up my numbers to 2600 calories during the weekend. I like to enjoy my weekends and be able to socialise which is why I follow this approach. That way I don’t blow away all the hard work during that week. And I’m still in an overall caloric deficit over the week. The wrap is filled with the rice, mince, veg and cheese mixture on the side there. Calories/Macros: calories: 1,167, Carbs 136g, Protein: 77g, Fat: 35g, Fiber: 11g

1 year ago

Casually flexing as you do!!! TGIF!!!

1 year ago

Last nights jambalaya inspired dish! 👌🏽🤤