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6 days ago

Back to the daily grind. I Had an amazing time with my family this week. I wish we lived closer and could see each other more.

1 week ago

Always be yourself. We are all weird, we are all freaks, we are all unique and amazing. I’ll always do me. You should always do you!

1 week ago

My birthday is one month away. This is what the tail end of 30 looks like. The world tends to be very biased against a woman’s age. But we are beautiful no matter what stage of life we are living.

1 week ago

Old school classic Tifa is going to get a remake for next year. Anyone else tear up when they saw the trailer with gameplay?

1 week ago

It’s Rosè day. That means wine and long lines for spring inspired photo ops. I’m so progressive. #rosédayla

2 weeks ago

Squirtle looking extra thicc today. I’ve been a Pokémon fan for 19 years and I just realized he has a tail like a squirrel which would kinda explain the name combo.

2 weeks ago

Vacuuming up the house cuz I leave a trail of cookie crumbs wherever I go. New cosplay set due tomorrow for you all.

2 weeks ago

Do my fans feel serviced yet? It’s weird referring to other people as fans. We are all just people Can I just call ya my dudes? Dude service doesn’t sound entirely heterosexual though. But I’m ok with that

2 weeks ago

What I like is ramen. What I dislike is the three minute wait after you pour in the boiling water. #naruto

2 weeks ago

Chewing on these grapes of wrath. What’s your favorite fruit?

2 weeks ago

Hot topic is here for a whole new generation of Disney th0ts and I love it #bikinicosplay

3 weeks ago

Dreams can become reality. If you work hard for them. Says dancing bathroom bikini Deku, anyway. #bnha