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22 hours ago

Valve has a new portal-universe VR demo. Could this also be a loose hint for Portal 3 in their sights? I sure hope so!

2 days ago

Who's feeling horny tonight? Cuz I have horns, cuz I'm a dragon.

2 days ago

Soo... what cosplays do you want to see next fall?

5 days ago

All my Liz Katz Gkc Junko Enoshima photos are live now. Go log in and tell me what you think! (A fully in cosplay public set coming next week) #cosplay

6 days ago

Let’s do this, Monday! #harleenquinzel #harleyquinncosplay

1 week ago

My GKC Junko cosplay set is coming THIS Monday night! The preview is up now #junkocosplay #junkoenoshima

1 week ago

They let me touch the power armor helmet!!! I’m so sad I missed the preorder for the power armor edition! #fallout76 #e3

1 week ago

The crazy/ hot ratio may be tipped a bit more towards the former in this photo by @robografico (thanks to @geektak for setting it up!)

1 week ago

When they open the vault for the first time... #fallout76 #bethesda

1 week ago

Slave Leia/ Fallout cosplay mashup! My phone/ pip boy app is not in the case here because I needed it to take the photo :P #fallout76 #fallout #cosplay

1 week ago

Had to get my extensions out and hair straightened for the year. I feel like it’s so short 😭

1 week ago

3, 2, 1, Let’s Jam!