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@lightroom See full size profile   #AdobeRisingStars2019 is upon us! Stay tuned as we meet 10 fresh photographers whose specialties vary across the board. You won’t want to miss a beat.

3 days ago

For part 3 of his IGTV series, @georgetheexplorer takes us to the Isle of Mull for the last time, this time introducing us to some lovely grey seals.

3 days ago

Photo by @emptycanon for #AdobeRisingStars || Hi guys! This has been a wonderful week; I am honored to have had the opportunity to share my work. Never in a million years did I think I’d be in this space with you all.⁠ •⁠ Ending my takeover, I wanted to share with you another image of my friend Keypsiia. Typically, we would think of ideas and text each other a bunch of images and I would put together a storyboard with poses, clothes, lighting and then we’d go from there. Still thinking of the jumping women series inspired by Philippe Halsman, I wanted to continue this and thought, who better to use than @keepweep ? I felt urged to reach out to a stylist-friend and have some fun. We blasted music by Tame Impala and Beyoncé, to try to get her feeling as joyous I was feeling while shooting. ⁠

4 days ago

Photo by @emptycanon for #AdobeRisingStars || Hey guys! It’s @emptycanon back with another special image! This photo was taken at The Creative Circus using a white wall and one Dynalite kit.⁠ •⁠ I’ve always had great respect for women. I was raised predominantly by women. I feel that women are powerful, stoic, strong and that women’s fashion is breathtaking! This image was inspired by this feeling of awestruck admiration.⁠ •⁠ Shooting in high contrast with very minimal background and fashionable clothes, I decided to take a Philippe Halsman approach and create my very own jumping image. Flying with emotions and fashion, she is my Wonder Woman.⁠

5 days ago

Photo by @emptycanon for #AdobeRisingStars || Hello fellow Lightroom-ers! For my third image of the #AdobeRisingStars takeover, I share with you my dear friend Keypsiia Gipp ( @keepweep ). This image is probably one of my most cherished shots.⁠ •⁠ During my time as a student at The Creative Circus, I was pushed beyond anything I could imagine. Each week we had to complete a series of images and share with our peers and teachers. During the time of this image, I was in the process of losing my father. I was in a state of total disarray and did not want to drop out of school or pause my life, because I knew I wouldn’t get it back. I mustered all the strength I had to complete this project. I felt beauty, pain, and confusion. I wanted to create something that expressed this feeling. Obviously, I am not a woman, but I felt that she would be able to absorb my feelings and transfer them to print for me. Alas, my Mona Lisa.⁠

6 days ago

Photo by @emptycanon for #AdobeRisingStars || Hey guys! I’m back with another image for the #AdobeRisingStars takeover! I am a fashion photographer who loves to draw emotions from my subjects. Typically, I play music for how I want the image to look and feel. For this image, the feeling was love, support, and knowing that when you least expect it, there will always be someone there for you, thus leading to sounds of smooth jazz and classical piano.⁠ •⁠ I always felt the love from my older brothers and am inspired by them both; they were always doing things together while maintaining their own lives. However, I was 7 to 10 years younger than the two of them, so I never was afforded the same opportunities. I felt alone. As I got older and had more mature conversations with them, I noticed that I was never alone -- just younger. They’ve supported me through all my ventures and have never looked at me with a judging eye.⁠ Models of: @demantistclaire

1 week ago

Photo by @emptycanon for #AdobeRisingStars || Hello everyone! I’m elated to be a part of this year’s Rising Stars takeover! To start, I would like to share this photo taken in my hometown, Atlanta, GA at our Lakewood MARTA Station.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Growing up, MARTA was my generation’s means of transportation. If you wanted to go to Underground Atlanta, Lenox Mall, or to a friend’s house, MARTA was always the answer. Thus, leading to my inspiration for this image.⁠ Model: @theacaciamcbride Makeup: @drvco

1 week ago

This week, @georgetheexplorer tells us about his experience capturing a White Tailed Eagle, and how he went about editing in Lightroom.

1 week ago

Photo by @kamilekave for #AdobeRisingStars || Most of the time, I really prepare for my shoots. I browse on Pinterest for ideas, make a mood board, think of some good angles, decide how to stylize my set and what colors should be included, etc. etc.⁠ •⁠ This morning, however, I was just making pancakes for breakfast, and they turned out beautiful! (that doesn’t happen to me often 😅). So, I quickly grabbed a plate and anything pretty that was right next to me in the kitchen. This was a few chamomile flowers (which you can eat btw 👀) and cherries. I put them on the plate with pancakes, quickly stylized and told my boyfriend to hold it up next to the window.⁠ •⁠ In food photography, you often don’t have a second to lose: ice cream melts, cappuccino foam falls in, salad starts hanging, sauce starts dripping, you name it! There is the same sense of urgency with pancakes: they get soggy-looking in no time. So I had to act quickly on this (rare) opportunity. ⁠

1 week ago

Beautiful mountains, miles of coastline and wildlife absolutely everywhere, the Scottish Isle of Mull is ripe for exploration. Follow along @GeorgeTheExplorer ’s photography trip and meet some of the incredible animals he encountered by clicking the link in bio. ⁠

1 week ago

⁠Photo by @kamilekave for #AdobeRisingStars || As a food photographer I often work with restaurants, food bloggers and all sorts of food/drink brands. In today’s world, there is obviously a big need for interesting social media content. So, aside from delivering pictures I often try to surprise my clients by giving them a stop-motion video, like this one!⁠ •⁠ They are quite easy to make when you use a camera stand. 🤓⁠ Step 1: Capture a series of pictures during an action. Best if there’s only one action happening at once. The stand helps to prevent any unwanted movement.⁠ Step 2: Apply the exact same editing and crop on all the images. I use Lightroom for this. I edit an image and then sync all the settings to the rest of the images.⁠ Step 3: Import images as layers into Photoshop. Use Timeline (Window->Timeline) to create frames from layers. Here you can choose how fast you want your GIF/video to be and preview how it looks.⁠ Step 4: Export “Save for Web” to create a GIF format or copy the same sequence a couple of times (so it repeats itself) and Render as a Video in MP4 format which you can use for Instagram.⁠ •⁠ Curious to try it for yourself? I would love to see the results! Tag me @kamilekave so that I can check it out 😄⁠ ⁠

1 week ago

Photo by @kamilekave for #AdobeRisingStars || With shooting this cupcake, everything (and I mean, everything) went perfect. 😎⁠ I have never made such a pretty looking muffin before, and the light was beautiful through the window. I was so pleased. But when I looked at the final images (after eating the subject “nom nom”) it 😧⁠ •⁠ It looked so off, and I couldn’t understand why! But, after twisting some knobs and experimenting in Lightroom, I finally realized what it was. The cupcake was just blending in too much with the background.⁠ •⁠ The background had kind of a purple glow, like the cupcake. So, in Lightroom, I changed the background to a bluer color that really makes the cupcake pop in comparison. This fixed the entire picture. The blue hue created the perfect contrast with the subject (the cupcake) and worked nicely with the moody, smoky theme.⁠

1 week ago

Photo by @kamilekave for #AdobeRisingStars || I love capturing food in action. I love pictures that tell stories. It doesn’t have to be a literal story or a documentary piece. A hand presenting food or a barista pouring a cup of coffee is story enough; it instantly defines a mood and brings the picture to life. ⁠ •⁠ By capturing such actions I hope to inspire some imagination surrounding the picture, if even unconsciously: How will it feel in your hand? And taste in your mouth? Where are you? What does that sound like? Who are you with? For me, good food or drink always makes a moment more special.⁠ •⁠ The moment I capture on camera is always right before or during interaction with food or drinks. A drink can be refreshing or warming. Food can be a social moment with a loved one, or it can be lonely. A dripping sauce or a spilling drink can be funny, even naughty. I try to play with such moments by manipulating the light, and afterward with editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.⁠