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3 days ago

Step Out (a new space in SIB where architecture transcends onto other fields) * MATTER DESING Matter Design is a synthesis of art and science. It is simultaneously a design practice and a research lab. The confluence of these disparate worlds produces the uniquely playful and rigorous work of the lab. Matter Design leverages alternative ways of thinking to reconsider the future of our built environment. Led by partners, Brandon Clifford, Johanna Lobdell, and Wes McGee, the team collaborates with industrial partners, composers, historians, visual artists, and other creative minds. The lab critically evaluates false assumptions to provide new directions for the digital era. It specializes in identifying ancient knowledge that holds resonance with topics of today. The team unearths abandoned knowledge, develops computation and design methods, and translates these methods into contemporary digital craft, advancing both past and present. The work breaks disciplinary notions of scale—from objects to buildings. But, the lab is best known for its experimental built speculations that provide otherworldly experiences to visitors. These experiments provoke speculations of possible futures, while also demonstrate applications for today. Matter Design publishes its top-tier architectural research and is also recognized as an influential design practice with awards such as the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers, the Design Biennial Boston award, AZ awards, AIA Small Projects Award, BSA Honor Award, and others. The work is exhibited world-wide and garners media attention. Matter Design is dedicated to imagining better futures by physicalizing digital POTENTIALS. Text taken from matterdesignstudio.com/about #showitbetter

4 days ago

Step Out (a new space in SIB where architecture transcends onto other fields) * ANSELM KIEFER ARTIST Anselm Kiefer critically engages with myth and memory, referencing totems of German culture and collective history. “Germans want to forget [the past] and start a new thing all the time, but only by going into the past can you go into the future,” he says. Revealing the influence of his tutelage under Joseph Beuys, Kiefer's epic-scaled, dense sculptures and paintings are often exposed to elements like acid and fire, and incorporate materials such as lead, burned books, concrete, thorny branches, ashes, and clothing; famed critic and historian Simon Schama has described his work as “heavy-load maximalism.” Kiefer’s vast-ranging references have included the Black Forest, Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle, and Caspar David Friedrich’s Romantic landscapes, as well as Kabbalah mysticism, Cold War politics, National Socialist architecture, and Paul Celan’s seminal body of post-Holocaust poetry. “Art is difficult,” he says. “It’s not entertainment.” Text taken from www.artsy.net/artist/anselm-kiefer #showitbetter