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19 hours ago

Happy Father’s Day! Our best pic. We need an update tho lmao

19 hours ago

Happy Father’s Day to youu papi!! @mikejauregui24 Thank you being such a loving, genuinely supportive, hilarious, talented, dope human. So grateful for youu! I love you very very much! And a happy Father’s Day to my abuelitos(: Carlos and Jorge! and my Tio/padrino! @carloozian ! All incredible father figures in my life who nurtured and loved and took care of us and others to whatever degree necessary. Big hearts and attitudes haha. All the handy work around the house was always taken care of and always imparting wisdom and and music and history and heritage and art and an understanding of cars and a remotely relative understanding of football (which I still don’t really do lol) down to me. Love love love!✨❤️💕

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Turn it

3 days ago

Senseless murder and tragedy seems to be at our fingertips every single day. We’ve grown so desensitized to the violence that we usually scroll past and stay quiet. To any and all Sudanese people going through the atrocities currently at hand, we see you and I send you all of my light and prayers. There is an attack on the civilian population by the military forces. Women and men and children being raped, tortured and murdered. It is our responsibility as a global community to be aware, educate ourselves and be loud as hell when we demand something be done. I send light to all who have family members over there who have been hurt or cannot be reached. I can’t imagine the fear and pain going through everyone’s hearts. My heart feels so heavy for this all, for the state of humanity, for the not so unfamiliar face of genocide and massacre. I’m at a loss. Please sign the petition in my story if you can take a moment.

4 days ago

Hit the comment section w fun shit to do in Vegas (besides losing my money and getting belligerent)

1 week ago

This was from an incredibly magical day at a monkey forest in Bali. The monkeys liked my dress and kept playing with it and I felt incredibly special and full of happiness. Here are some photos I took of these majestic bbies.🙈🙊🐵🙉

2 weeks ago

So honored to be speaking at the first-ever @makersofgood Teen Summit! We’ve all felt lonely, but no one should feel isolated. I’m beyond grateful to have this opportunity to discuss combatting cyberbullying and the importance of connection and empathy. A special thanks to my partner @hersheycompany for making this possible. Make sure to watch live on Hershey’s YouTube Channel for the chance to ask me questions in real-time. See you June 20, NYC! #HersheyPartner #socialisolation

2 weeks ago

Came across this photo scrolling through my camera roll and it seems appropriate to my mood rn