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3 days ago

There’s a coldness to her warmth.

5 days ago

There are 95 million photos shared on Instagram every day. 95 MILLION! "We all have a camera in our pocket." "Everyone’s a photographer now." Nope. Everyone is NOT a photographer. Everyone's a documentarian. Everyone is... the CNN of their little corner of life. Their purpose is not to create "art"-- It's to share information. A selfie says "this is what I'm wearing" or... "I'm feeling myself today"... Others might be saying: "Hey. This is where I am." "Hey. This is what I'm eating." "Hey. This is what I saw." But photographers... They are trying to make you see the world in a way you didn’t see it before. A photographer is an artist. A photographer will re-arrange the world or frame it in a special way to deliver a message to your heart. A photographer isn't documenting the truth; they are REVEALING a truth. A photographer is a teacher. They teach you a different way of understanding your surroundings. And a great photographer... is never looking at what everyone else is. @bronques

1 week ago

Some people judge a good party in terms of numbers. Like, how many attended… How many drinks were consumed… How many tables sold… How many IG followers the DJ has… But I see the night in terms of what the vibe is. And because of that... I know it’s always up to ME whether or not I have a good night. I can change the chemistry of a room to reflect my “inner party-ness” if I want to in about 10 minutes. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. It all depends on how secure the boyfriends are. (Last night at wild @heart the boyfriends stayed home) Give @jay___rochell some ❤️ She had the vibe of the night. #feminismforboys #drivebyphotoshoot #wildlifephotograohy

2 weeks ago

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile in 1954, no one had ever done it. Since then more than 1,400 have done it. The next one after him was only 26 days later. The first time I shot a stranger nude on the plane mid-flight it was an event. Then it happened every few flights. Things are always "impossible" until someone does it. Why can't that "someone" be you? What impossible thing are YOU trying to achieve with your creativity right now? @bronques #bucketlist #photography #wildlifephotography

2 weeks ago

You feel good because you have followers. And about 5% of them like your posts. And 1% of them leave comments. But you’re building a house on rented land. You’re at the whim of someone in Silicon Valley’s decision to “pivot” every year. If you’re one of my friends doing something important in the real world please make sure you turn those followers into emails. And turn those emails into a list that you communicate with regularily. Instagram should be only one of the rivers flowing from your vast ocean of potential. I’m only talking to you if you have an important message to share — not if you’re on here just for fun. If you have a message... build something you own offline so that your voice can never be silenced. Or, you know, just ignore this message and enjoy the picture of my friend Xochi above. @bronques (LE$$XNS) #buildyourlist #hashtagswillonlytakeyousofar #emailmarketing #entrepreneur #mysteryschool

2 weeks ago

What’s worse than not knowing what to do with your life? Knowing... but being split between two things that you love that seem irreconcilable. I met a girl last night that was suffering from this very dilemma. So I told her three stories I thought might help her. The first story was about an elementary school in New Jersey for gifted kids. They only admit 15% of all applicants. It's like The Xavier Institute (X-men). They only pick kids that have highly developed natural abilities. And then they intensely focus on and build these God-given talents. The school isn't interested in forming children to fit existing "disciplines" or current "job markets". Their only goal: synthesize the kid's seemingly unrelated gifts into unique superpowers that will be able to help the world one day. Those future adults will be able to create new "job descriptions" that don’t even exist yet. The second story was about my mom. My mom used to work in employment insurance. But when my grandmother got sick she spent all of her free time taking care of her in the hospital. That's when my mom noticed how bad the hospital system was. Neither my grandmother or the other neighboring patients were getting any personalized attention. So my mom started taking care of ALL OF THEM. Fast forward to four years later... She received her nursing degree. Now she was splitting her time between a hospital and a desk job. Superwoman stuff. But guess what? Less than a year later the workforce needed someone who had "nurse care experience" AND "experience processing insurance claims". My mom's dream job had emerged. The last story I told her was my own. I've always been creative. But my left brain can be a pain sometimes. That's why my websites are so organized. That's why I'm so detail oriented even if I'm taking sexy pictures in a dirty bathroom. In the last 2 years I found the ultimate way to marry art and technology. It's exciting because I can help creatives launch their message to the world without any 'artistic' compromise. I told her all the details and when the conversation ran out I asked her if I could take her picture. @bronques

2 weeks ago

I forget sometimes that the most inspired moments of my life have happened because I approached someone new and said “hi”. It’s funny how I’m still afraid to do it. But I’ve come a long way, Every day I narrow the gap between the idea and it’s execution. The by-product… I get to pass on the template to others. Others who have yet to be kissed by this kind of cosmic intensity for the first time. @bronques #mysteryschool #driveby

2 weeks ago

The truth about what goes on in a girls DMs... Remember this when you approach your next muse on Instagram. [clip from the latest ‘FEMINISM FOR BOYS’]

3 weeks ago

Watch substitute teacher @danikamaia run down the 6 essential steps for setting up a sexy photoshoot... From the moment you spot your muse... All the way to creating a piece of art. Dive into the latest episode of FEMINISM FOR BOYS exclusively on Everybody learns differently. #photography #tutorials #mysteryschool

3 weeks ago

Have you ever committed to something until the bitter end? Have you ever held on to an idea you believe in beyond when it was shiny and new? Or do you just get passionate for a week or two tops and then move on to the next diversion? You tell me that maybe 'you're just not passionate about it anymore' and I'm like "What?" Is there a law that says that you should be in the "honeymoon phase"... past the honeymoon phase? You're seriously gonna make me do this? I have to "afternoon special" your ass right now? Come on! You must know that you're SUPPOSED to reach a plateau at some point! Then... you're supposed to work through the plateau! You know all of this right? That's how you make extraordinary things appear, remember? Stay with me! Think. Is there ANYTHING that you have that kind of commitment to? French fries don't count. The thing you get OBSESSED about is what mentors call "purpose". And you will only start to know the enjoyment that "it" brings when you reject your previous dysfunctions and start working again towards your destiny until it's back to fever pitch. @bronques #mondaymotivation

3 weeks ago

Do you know what Vision Quest is? Not the video game. Not the movie. No, the Native American ritual that young people have to go through in order to become adults. Basically, it goes like this... When a young adult has "come of age" they are sent out into nature alone... naked... with no food... and they're not allowed to come back to the village for 4 days and 4 nights. During that time they're supposed to pray and cry out to the Gods... Until they finally see their "vision". That "vision" may be in the form of a dream. Or it can be in the form of symbols that they see in animal crossings or in the elements of nature. The "vision" they get tells them what their purpose in life is. It outlines their role in their community. It gives them absolute clarity on how they can best serve their people. And only after getting this vision... can they come back. I've done this before with entrepreneurs, singers, rappers and brands. And lately now with models. Some people ask... "Bro, are models even supposed to have a message?" @bronques

3 weeks ago

Why is Charlotte so happy? 1. She doesn't give a fuck about other people's opinions. 2. She stopped procrastinating and is getting closer to her goals. 3. She's been using social media to #glorifythejourney instead of showing a fake "highlight reel". 4. She has a message. 5. She puts in days when others put in hours and sees the extraordinary results that are coming home to roost. 6. She gets out of her comfort zone from the moment she wakes up to her last cold shower at midnight. 7. She lives the quotes that other people just post. 8. She treats creativity like she's an athlete and she's always "in the zone". 9. She doesn't care about "passion"... She believes in "obsession". 10. She found a cool T-shirt that embodies all of her values in a single sentence. ( #makeartnotcontent #contentcreator #contentmarketing #contentcreation #contentcreators