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3 days ago

No matter if you are prepping for a theater show, a fun night-out or a music festival, there's no better way to switch up your look other than using COLOR SPRAY. Make-up: Kryolan Pro Team. Photo: @specular #ColorSpray #MakeupIsAScience #Kryolan

4 days ago

Keep on glowing with the AQUACOLOR UV-DAYGLOW 'Purple, White & Rose' and AQUACOLOR SOFT CREAM UV-DAYGLOW 'Magenta'. #Aquacolor #UVDayglow #Kryolan

1 week ago

Add few drops of water, mix until a creamy consistency is reached and then enjoy painting with your new AQUACOLOR UV-DAYGLOW PALETTE 6 COLORS 'Neo'. #UVDayglow #Kryolan #Aquacolor