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@kittyvickie6 See full size profile   Just a normal single mommy who shows a little booty on the side, oh yeah..I'm ALSO location independent. Currently in Albania! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡± Pick up a 18+ vid

2 weeks ago

Here in Albania it's now Friday.. But for the US, I didn't miss #throwbackthursday !😹 It's always a different time somewhere else, so don't use time as an excuse. I have sooo many throwback pictures to share now that my current body (read breasts) is back to all natural and much more similar to how I look in these pictures. Before I felt weird posting these, my favorite pictures because they all felt like before and afters πŸ˜…. Now I'm getting back to the real me 😺 πŸ’ƒπŸ™Œ

1 month ago

You already know @rhophotos 😻😼

1 month ago

#flashbackfriday @rhophotos Making me want to go blonde again.. But really I just need to follow thru on my plans to start back shooting full time at least one more go 😸

1 month ago

When the pictures make you want to leave back to the US to create some more magic πŸ˜…. Goodness @rhophotos

2 months ago

Good morning 🌞 or Mirmengjes (in Albanian) I figured I'd pop in since I just posted a few pictures and clips, including these morning natural daylight shots 😸 - onto my (18+) MVCrush area - Hope you all have a good Sunday ❀️ Note for those who were open to helping with the video take downs: I'm still wanting to do bartering for DMCA take downs of my pirated videos.. But I'm going to need an initial sweep done first. Sending me links is 50/50 beneficial. Here's why ➑️ currently everyone will likely send me the same links! (because we all most likely frequent the same top porn sites πŸ˜„. And I haven't reported in some time). So it will take longer to report the same ones, possibly repeatedly. I know how to find them, even by code names lol.. People are relentless. BUT I need to give permission for someone else to literally report them FOR me. Once the first sweep is done, upkeep will be easier πŸ‘. I appreciate those of you who offered and I'll be updating at least once more. Also I agree #fuckpornthiefs

2 months ago


2 months ago

There's something about this picture. Back in the days where shooting was like breathing. Really it was a big party to me, lots of fun and always in good company. Now I'm out of practice but hoping to get back to that easy feeling even though I'm not actively modeling anymore. Also now that I'm back to my natural body, I feel like I can post all of these more so haha. I love it. We took soooo many pictures. I need @rhophotos to come out and shoot!

2 months ago

Hey everyone :) Happy April. I've been meaning to see if anyone would be interested in exchanging something like this. It's a part of my career that I despise. If you have the free time please feel free to message me. (I've spent whole days reporting dmca take downs before so please don't message me if you are also tight on time πŸ™ƒ). πŸ’• P. S. You'd be reporting them on my behalf. No content would be exchanged for simply sending me links but you're welcome to send me them if you'd like just to be helpful.

2 months ago

Hello! I finally took a few pics of me! Notice anything different 😝? I wasn't able to bring a ton of lingerie with me so I need to get some. Then hopefully I can get on cam once again, after so so long πŸ’˜ I'm sure a few people will ask why I've changed my body and I will answer that individually in a different post πŸ™‚ soon. But I'm all natural once more πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘and that's what I really needed at this point of my life.

3 months ago

Hello everyone! Just wanted to check in and say hi β€οΈπŸ˜»πŸ’›. We left Cyprus a few days ago and have made it to Albania! The capital city of Tirana. I'm slowly blogging our journey and hope to add them to a YouTube eventually. Does anyone have any travel related questions for me? Maybe I can answer them on video. I consider us slow travelers (we won't be many places for less than a month.. This is our life as of now, not a vacation. We may or may not go back to the US, or settle some place else). I'm planning to be back on webcam and also filming more within the next 2 weeks :) I need more lingerie - and a few toys as I forgot to bring any 😭.

4 months ago

I don't think I quite understood just how beautiful this country was going to be. None of the pictures showed it.. Even mine I don't think capture it fully. Cyprus. This is the first new country of our travels. Yesterday was my first day I got to just walk around and not be traveling from one city to the next or trying to recover from everything.. Like waiting for our bags to arrive lol. (FYI, it took us over 20 hours to get here πŸ˜₯.. And for me, on 0 sleep). But, how beautiful is this! 66 degrees, rolling clouds and friendly people. I'll try to get some pictures with me in them tomorrow 😸. Tomorrow is also supposed to be a shoot day here at our current home.. editing and releasing videos starts next week. I'll share why I chose a lifestyle of travel for us, or slow travel soon. Oh, and there are cute cats everywhere on this area of the island 😍 Airbnb sigh up link :) (

4 months ago

Shoot night last night πŸ€—. I needed a push last night to finally get started. LOTS more content ahead and finishing any projects that haven't been completed yet. I'm not retiring, I just had to step away so I could focus on life plans. But, I'll be back and pushing out new stuff more and more after we finally take off πŸ›«. Camming, MVCrush and everything! I appreciate those of you who are still renewing your MVCrush, I just want you to know I see you 😻, it makes me sooo happy when I see that, like happy tears happy lol. (and actually.. I'm about to post a sneak peek there now). πŸ‘‹