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2 days ago

Okay @fortnite when we getting a moonwalk emote 😍 💃 Dancing, singing and expressing yourself creatively is important! It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing like Selena or dance like Beyonce, if you try it you can enjoy it! Don’t limit yourself by comparing to others, do what feels good and fuels you in your life! What’s your favourite dance move??

4 days ago

E3 is a wrap!! Flying back to Vancouver today. Met so many incredible people in this industry. I am so grateful to be a part of @epicgames_official @fortnite event. The community is inclusive, loving and fun. I can’t wait to get back and start creating uplifting content for you again! What are you most excited about in life right now??

5 days ago

What a wild incredible ride life is. Honestly, after the past 4 and a half years the biggest thing I’ve learned is that everything is possible. If you can imagine it and not get in your own way you can make it happen. I feel so grateful for each and every single one of you. Those who have been with me from the beginning and everyone finding me now. You are beautiful, loved and appreciated. Thanks for joining me on this wild experience. If money wasn’t a factor what dream/business would you be creating right now?

6 days ago

Had an incredible time yesterday! Thank you Epic for having me! We got 3rd place which means $250,000 going to a charity of our choice. WOW. Never in the world did I imagine I’d have amazing opportunities like this coming into my life. Thank you all for making this possible and supporting me the way you do. Can’t wait to see where this wild life goes next. This is only the beginning 🎉😍

1 week ago

Heading to E3 today!! I’ll be competing in the $3,000,000 Fortnite Pro Am! Im so excited and nervous hopefully I’ll get some prize pool towards my charities! Going to be a wild week! What are you most excited about in life right now??

1 week ago

Oh hai. How are you today? Have you spent time outside enjoying the free beauty that’s all around us? Taken a deep breath? Thanked your body for moving and healing you? Drank a glass of water? Little actions everyday make huge improvements in your life. You are whole. You are good. You are enough. You have nothing to prove. Living life with this knowledge and sharing some kindness along the way will lead to time well spent. Yuri and I love you SO much and hope you’re having an amazing weekend! Can’t wait to share some photos with you from E3 this upcoming week in LA! I’ll be competing with @chandlerriggs5 in the ProAm Fortnite Event for 3 million dollars towards charity! LIFE IS MAGIC ✨💫

3 weeks ago

HELLO BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS! I am so excited to be back posting content. After my week away from electronics I am committed to keeping my interaction with social media to be meaningful and not numbing. I don’t want to be posting mindlessly anymore. I am here to be a friend, to bring moments of inspiration and hopefully create some joy for you too ❤️ I will not hide from my life anymore. I am making a stand to live in the present. To allow the flow of life to pass through me. Thank you for being part of my internet family. I love you entirely, all of your perceived positive and negative aspects. EVERYTHING! If you can’t see your beauty yet I will for you in the meantime. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to unintentionally match your drinks every once in a while 😂 this photo is totally giving me Mom taking a break from touring with the kids in Europe vibes 😅 LOVE YOU 📸: @purelylucy

1 month ago

Had SUCH a blast exploring BC yesterday with @harbourair wearing my Canadian tuxedo 😂 I somehow forgot how breathtaking Canada is. Can’t wait to show you the vlog! Have you ever been in a sea plane? Would you try it?

1 month ago

Yuri and I LOVE a good adventure and a giant mojito 😍 Thanks for understanding the lack of photos lately! I’ve been super focused on YouTube and twitch and haven’t been getting out enough to take photos for you! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed following me along using stories! I am also uploading to my vlog channel again if you want to peep that 😍 what are you most excited about in life right now??

1 month ago


1 month ago

Spending this year redefining my definition of success. How do I want to live every single day? What do I love to do? What are things I can let go of? What fears and insecurities are holding me back from living my best life? Committing to travelling to a new destination every month was at first overwhelming and I didn’t know if I’d have the time or resources to pull it off. I trusted that by following something I was excited by everything would work out. Every single time I listen to that voice inside telling me to trust in myself and try new things I’m rewarded more than I could ever imagine. What is that voice in your heart telling you to do next?

1 month ago

Kitty in the city! So grateful to be spending time in vibrant Hong Kong! Taking you guys along with me in my stories and IRL streams. Would you travel to Hong Kong one day?? 📷: @i__am__tingting