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22 hours ago

New emote purrs.... and meows. I’m in Fortnite heaven 😵😍 What’s your favourite emote/dance?

1 day ago

I’m so sweaty in Fortnite I need to play video games in my activewear 🤓 Use Creator Code KITTYPLAYS HEHE

5 days ago

How I feel about Fortnite Season 7 😱 How do you feel? Comment 😻 or 🍑 if you think I should cosplay this skin hehe

1 week ago

My current workout routine is playing Fortnite 8+ hours a day 🤷🏼‍♀️ what’s yours?

1 week ago

I have the cutest kindest friendliest kid friends in Fortnite, until you put them in a lobby together and they start to compete for my attention. Ruthless 😂

1 week ago

The graphics in this game are unreal

1 week ago

I get a little excited when I make clean plays 😂🙏🏻 What do you think of the current Fortnite meta? I’m loving the shotgun update but I want more mobility 😭

1 week ago

😈 can’t wait to live stream today 😈

3 weeks ago

One of my farthest moving snipes 😍 what’s yours??? Also I better not be the only one that reacts like this after I hit my shots in Fortnite 😂

3 weeks ago

Woke up feeling the wanderlust bug again. Where should I travel to next?

4 weeks ago

What my games will look like today 😅 RIP redeploy you will be missed. Type F in the comments to pay respect 😵

1 month ago

Good morning fellow gamers :) going live now on twitch 😈 come stop by!