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1 day ago

Enjoyed the Keaton Family Reunion so much this week. We had about 50 people make it out of the 106 family members. Enjoyed sitting on the porch with my parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. We laughed....a lot, prayed together, sang together, and just enjoyed catching up. In the family photo my parents are in the middle, and the nine children are on either side sitting in the rocking chairs. #timestoppedforabit #importantthings

1 week ago

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad! He is one of the hardest working, loving, Godly men that I know. He and mother raised nine children and loved us unconditonally, period! Dad is wise.....very wise, discreet....impressively so, a good listener, a man of real integrity, an amazing preacher, husband to mom, father to us, and above all, a consistent, true blue follower of Christ. We never wondered who was in charge. He was firm, yet his compassion could move you to tears. He was never too big to say, "I'm sorry." That alone taught me so much. We didn't have a lot of material goods growing up, but we were wealthy in ways I never realized until I became an adult. We had a lot of love and Jesus really was the center of our home. Was he perfect? No, of course not...... but, in my eyes he was pretty close. :) We had a dad who prayed with and for us consistently. It wasn't hard to follow the God that Dad served. He made living for Jesus such a pleasure and joy that I wanted to do nothing less than follow in his footsteps. I love you, dad! You are the absolute best! #blessedwithgreatparents

1 week ago

Happy Father's Day to the father of our four kids. He is an amazing dad, and it warms my mama's heart to see how much our kids love him. There is nothing he wouldn't do for all four of them; he has such a tender heart towards them. It's a known fact that every card they buy him on special occasions makes him cry. 😊Everytime he opens their cards we all collectively smile and wait for the tears. LOL!Phil, thanks for being a hands on, caring, loving dad to our kids.

1 week ago

Pour little Winston! He is worn out from the Hawaiin cruise! What a happy little trooper! #cuddly #puresweetness

1 week ago

The Hawaiian cruise was so enjoyable. Many great moments of worship, probably too many moments of eating, and the fellowship with dear friends was so sweet! All in all, a wonderful week. Until next travels, and Aloha everyone!

1 week ago

We attended a Luau tonight. So fun to experience. The grandkids were mesmerized. #cfamgoestohawaii

1 week ago

Had a dinner date on the cruise tonight with this man. We will celebrate 32 years of marriage in September, and yes, we still date.😊 This cruise is flying by quickly. Enjoying it so much! #cfamgoestohawaii

1 week ago

We stopped by a shaved ice place and it was absolutely delicious. Yes, so delicious that I ate two large ones! I'm sort of ashamed of myself, and kind of proud of myself at the same time. Lol! Mango, passion fruit, and coconut flavors all in one. #paradise #addicecreamandasnowcap #perfection #headedtothewalkingtrackasap

1 week ago

Enjoying Hawaii with our grandbabies, our kids, and so many wonderful friends. Swipe to the left to see more pics. Blessed to be here. #cfamgoestohawaii

1 week ago

This is our assigned butler for the week. Meet Spencer! So help me, he could be a butler from Downton Abbey. Mannerisms are spot on! It has been a joy to wake up to coffee every morning at exactly 7:30 a.m. I told Phil....., "I could get used to this!" LOL! #cfamgoestohawaii

2 weeks ago

This child loves my glasses. He's got one thing in mind in this picture and that is to tear them off my face. Mission accomplished! Lol! Loving this trip to Hawaii. Seeing it through the eyes of my grandbabies is even more enjoyable. #cfamgoestohawaii

2 weeks ago

Can life get any sweeter?! #cfamgoestohawaii

2 weeks ago

Really enjoying Hawaii. We came in a couple of days early with the family to just hang out and relax. It is absolutely lovely here. Gonna visit Pearl Harbor tomorrow. #cfamgoestohawaii #timechangeiskillingme

2 weeks ago

Getting my three mile walk in at 7 a.m. this morning. This is the view. "The Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork!" An amazing place. #cfamgoestohawaii #tropicalparadise

2 weeks ago

Tired and hungry! Body clocks are off, but we are happy to check off our 50th state to visit as a family. . Some of us it took 50 plus years to get to all 50 states, others it happened fast. Blessed and grateful to get to do what we love. #cfamgoestohawaii

2 weeks ago

Winston watching the guys load the luggage. He is one tired little boy, but he did so good on that long flight. #chubsfordays #cfamgoestohawaii

2 weeks ago

And the fun begins.... First flight is behind us. Next flight is nine hours. Pray for the kiddos. 😊 Brooklyn is praying that sleep will overtake them! Lol! #cfamgoestohawaii

2 weeks ago

Headed to Hawaii! #cfamgoestohawaii