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@justseeds See full size profile   A cooperative of 29 socially-engaged radical artists, printmakers and agitators! Visit our site for community, projects, and prints for sale. 🌿

1 day ago

🐝 New hand-pulled screenprint created from cut paper stencils by @youngheartdesign in our shop, we’ve got this in two colorways! 🐝 The illustration of honeybees is inspired by “a dance bees use to communicate directions to a potential source of pollen and nectar, known as the Waggle Dance. (...) Honeybees and other pollinators coevolved with flowering plants, making themselves essential for our ecosystem.” #honeybees #waggledance #screenprinting #danceparty

1 week ago

Tú Perteneces / You Belong ❤️New print from Dalia Shevin, creator of the now-timeless “Your Heart Is A Muscle…” print from 1999!❤️ Dalia says: “This image was made in loving solidarity with all people historically and currently surviving under brutal oppression and attack. A reminder that we are seen, and cherished by one another, and inherently worthy of protection and care. Here’s to the hard and beautiful work of supporting and healing our own and each other’s hearts. We belong.”💫 Screenprinted by @graficanarno at @babyland460 in Pittsburgh, available in our shop now! #yourheartisamuscle #youbelong #tuperteneces

1 week ago

💥Through Friday night!💥 15% OFF everything in our online shop + Free Domestic Shipping in the US if you add up more than $30 in your cart! 🌈 🛒✨ Type in the coupon code BACK2SCHOOL on the first checkout page and you’re on your way! Sale lasts through this Friday Night September 6! (graphic above from @jessepurcellprinter & @jmacphee “Capture the Flag 3”)

1 week ago

New graphic by @toosphexy is now up for download on justseeds.org — At the heart of the burning Amazon is a struggle over different ideas of what should be done with land- with indigenous and landless perspectives on one side and the other composed almost entirely of people subsumed in the ideology of the cow. Cows are the means that Capitalism uses to define a totally extractive relationship to the landscape- a radical simplification that reduces the most biodiverse landscape on Earth into a simple equation of cows plus land equals money. We have this ideology here in the US as well, in fact it was born here and since exported around the world. We have to kill the cow in our heads.

1 week ago

We’re doing this starting NOW🔥 15% OFF everything in our online shop + Free Domestic Shipping in the US if you add up more than $30 in your cart! 🌈 🛒💥 Type in the coupon code BACK2SCHOOL on the first checkout page and you’re on your way! Sale lasts through this Friday Night September 6! (graphic above from @jessepurcellprinter & @jmacphee “Capture the Flag 13”)

2 weeks ago

💥 In our shop today: a new version of @marymackwear ’s runaway hit Queer Scout Badge, now with an iron-on backing and a new colorway! From Mary: “These new colors are in response to lots of input from my publics – thank you so much! Hand drawn and designed by me, originally for a queer scout themed danceparty in Pittsburgh, now for everyone.” #queerscouts

3 weeks ago

This campaign poster by Christeen Francis & Stefan Christoff was created to support Guinean refugees in Canada. To purchase, click link in bio. For more information on the Guinean campaign visit the Immigrant Workers Centre- they are supporting this effort and all proceeds from this print will go to support the Guinean community campaign: https://iwc-cti.ca #art #print #refugees #migrantjustice #migration #asylum

3 weeks ago

Beautiful new small print by Bec Young @youngheartdesign , on our 100% independent artist-run website, link in profile! Bec says: Darling, I see you. I see you out there making the world better. I’ve overheard your schemes and dreams. I witnessed the attacks you endured simply for who you are. I see the defenses you’ve put up, despite hesitant attempts to be open and vulnerable. How you’ve pursued an internal sense of balance even while this world is all askew. I applaud your courage, perseverance, and resilience. I am overwhelmed by your strength and generosity. I am inspired that even in this historical moment, you are working to protect and support others. But sometimes, love, once in a while, please take some time to focus on repair. Take the time you need. Take your own time. Look around – look inside – and mend. <3 ************ Design originally conceived during a collaboration with the printmakers of the Mexican collective Escuela de Cultura Popular de los Martires del 68 in an encuentro (meeting) held south of Mexico City. Designing, carving, and printing included the presence of free range chickens. Edition printed in Detroit, Michigan at Signal Return press, unfortunately without the availability of live chickens #art #printmaking #letterpress #linoleumprint #linocut #linoprint #reliefprint #selfcare #solidarity

3 weeks ago

Fascists gathering in Portland and beyond, the Amazon on fire, the glaciers melting away- where are you fighting, and why? Don't forget to take a moment to recover before you go back into the fray. Free graphic by @toosphexy , search "would you rather" on our site, link in profile.

3 weeks ago

Check out our show Print and Resistance: Print Media and Social Movements at @centre3_ in Hamilton, Ontario! Over 100 prints , now through September, including Supercrawl on September 6th. Thank you to Toronto- based Justseeds member @jessepurcellprinter for coordinating and hanging this show!

4 weeks ago

🌈🦝✨New raccoon hanky colorways by @marymackwear in our shop! Gold-on-purple! Black-on-gray!🦝Represent these midnight marauders with a hand drawn, laid out, and silkscreen printed bandana! 💥🗑🦝🏘 #raccoon #raccoonlife #trashpanda

4 weeks ago

The Ladies Garment Workers Union #CelebratePeoplesHistory poster by Jenny Schmid! Check it out on our site, link in profile!

1 month ago

💟 NEW EDITION IN STOCK!! 💟 Classic screenprint from longtime friend-of-Justseeds, Dalia Shevin, the screens for this were made from her original block carved in 1999! 💫 “The love in us that spurs us to act is explosively powerful and tender.” 💫 In our shop now 🔎 “heart fist” #yourheartisamuscle #keeplovingkeepfighting