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@johnnymeant  "On another level at the Moment " 🏗@Chasing_Cranes RIP @Webraw @_bword @illogiicall #chasing_cranes Always Traveling

1 week ago

Art Basel is here, time for everyone to act like they care about Art! #artbasel2018 #miami

2 weeks ago

Freight shipment with plenty of coke just in time for the weekend & #artbasel2018 #miami

3 weeks ago

Thankful for everything in my life, #miami Happy Thanksgiving Friends and Fam

3 weeks ago

Miami Born, Miami raised. #miami

1 month ago

There’s some trips that are unforgettable, can’t wait to make another trip to Cuba, #cuba

1 month ago

Gone way to young, some people have demons that they will never get away from, I Remember you telling me this crazy adventures and the camera changed your life for the better, kept you clean for as long as you were exploring, I wish you would of never stopped. I will miss you sending me every crane shot took for approval from what you called the crane king! 😂 Rest In Peace @illogiicall see you on the other side lil bro. #chasing_cranes

1 month ago

Always above my city, ‘Miami nights on the roofs #lifestyle_miami

1 month ago

Them diamondback boys at it on a Sunday, #chasing_cranes #miami Find the homie taking some phone pics.

1 month ago

Good Morning Miami, Looking forward to an amazing weekend, #lifestyle_miami

1 month ago

Only in Miami moments, Cranes, heli’s and race cars doing donuts on helipads #miami #f1