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3 days ago

#Repost @bazdreisinger ・・・ There is, to quote Brother Bob, so much tings to say about my and @devonp2cp ’s day inside the TRUE Unit of Cheshire Correctional Facility in #connecticut with @verainstitute and @johnjaycollege. But I say only this, because it’s what I carry home today and now sit tearing my hair out over: our world suffers because these brilliant student minds are warehoused away for decades. To have moderated a panel with them, to have talked about everything from Russian literature to the meaning of justice, is a great honor but also yet another reminder of the vile atrocity at our country’s core. #educationnotincarceration #endmassincarceration #schoolsnotprisons #incarcerationnations #reimagineprison

4 days ago

¿Sabías Esto? 42% of John Jay students are the first in their family to attend college. ... Did You Know? El 42% de los alumnos de John Jay son los primeros de su familia en asistir a la universidad. ... #MyJohnJay #JJCStudents #JohnJayHSI

5 days ago

"I vote to have a say in what is happening in this country." - Leslie Meet Leslie, a sophomore majoring in criminal justice who shares why she is voting in the upcoming election this November. #JJCStudents #MyJohnJay #JohnJayCollege

1 week ago

“As with most Cuban stories, it begins with sugar...” 📖 Before Miami, New York was home to a vibrant Cuban community fueled by the sugar trade from the island. John Jay Professor Lisandro Pérez has devoted his career to the study of #Cuba , especially the Cuban experience in the United States. He is currently a professor of Latin American and Latina/o Studies at #JohnJayCollege. 📅 Join us in Moot Court on Thursday, Oct. 11th for Prof. Lisandro Pérez’s upcoming book talk: “Sugar, Cigars and Revolution: The Making of Cuban New York.” RSVP: oar #JJCFaculty #JJCFacultyBooks #BookTalk #JohnJayHSI #LatinxHeritageMonth

1 week ago

"I am voting to make a difference in society." - Sydney ... Meet Sydney, a junior majoring in Law and Society who shares why she is excited to vote in the upcoming election this November. #JJCStudents #MyJohnJay #JohnJayCollege ... [Image Description: Sydney is standing in a hallway while looking at the viewer at John Jay College.]

2 weeks ago

Spotlight post from @jjc.youthjustice !🌟 ... Congrats to Jersoon Garcia, who recently got a full-time job offer with ACS as a Youth Development Specialist! We are so happy that our priority partnership with ACS we built for #JJCStudents helped him get here. Jersoon is a dedicated advocate for youth, immigrant, and social justice. ... Jersoon is currently the vice president of @lavoz_jjay and a senior studying criminal justice and Latin American studies. He’s always working tirelessly for students on and off-campus, and we are so proud of all he has accomplished. We wish him the best of luck on his new journey! #Repost #MyJohnJay #JohnJayHSI #JohnJayCollege #ClassOf2019 ... 📷: @jjc.youthjustice

2 weeks ago

Watch: There are 3 things President Karol Mason wants you to know about an ongoing investigation. Read the full statement from September 24, 2018:

2 weeks ago

📅 Mark this day on your calendars! October 1st is the first day to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. For more information, please visit: #MyJohnJay #JohnJayCollege #FAFSA #FinancialAid ... [Image Description: A FAFSA graphic that says "The 2019 - 20 FAFSA: What to know" on top, and on the bottom, it says "The FAFSA launches October 1, 2018", "You'll report your 2017 tax information", and "There's no need to update it after filling your 2018 taxes."]