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The deadline for the Ronald H. Brown Law School Prep Program & UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program & UB Discover Law at #JohnJayCollege has been extended to December 20, 2018! • This is two-year program, designed to help increase underrepresented groups in legal education, is a collaboration between the Department of Latin American and Latina/o Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Ronald H. Brown Law School Prep Program at St. John’s University School of Law. • Apply now: • #JJCStudentSuccess #JohnJayHSI #MyJohnJay

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In celebration of John Jay's 273rd birthday, we would like to share this animation about his life and his achievements as a #FierceAdvocate for justice. Please visit our Facebook Page to see the full video. #MyJohnJay #JohnJayCollege

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Join #JohnJayCollege and become a Fierce Advocate for Justice. Visit our website to apply.

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Interested in a program that helps you develop a deep understanding of the nature and impact of international crime and the domestic and international responses to it? Consider the Master of Arts in International Crime and Justice at #JohnJayCollege :

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Randy S., a criminal justice major here at John Jay, sharing how his group’s research project sheds light on the treatment of African American Soldiers in the Civil War. #FYShowcase #JohnJayCollege #BehindThePoster

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First Year Showcase happening NOW & we are taking over John Jays IG for the day. Watch the story to stay posted on today’s happenings!!

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“I’m in a program called @jjayapplecorps and we focus on social justice and crime issues. My group focused on crime in Brooklyn, specifically in Brownsville, Sunset Park and Greenpoint. I live in Queens so I come from a neighbourhood where there’s little to no crime at all, so I was stepping out of my comfort zone. I was scared, but it was a good experience because not a lot of people get to do ethnographic research as a freshman. I got to have the experience to just go out there and understand that there are other neighbourhoods that need help. It’s not only about me caring for my own neighbourhood. It’s about caring for others as well.” — Shymaa, past presenter ———- “For my First Year Showcase, I was pretty nervous. It was one of the first times I’ve ever done something like this...but I also saw everyone else presenting, and everyone else was doing an amazing job and I wanted to be memorable just like them. So that kind of made me flip a switch like, “alright. I have to pull myself together. I want to make an impression on all these people.” —Joshua, past presenter #WayBackWednesday #FYShowcase #MyJohnJay #JJCStudents #JohnJayCollege #JJCResearch #HumansOfJohnJay

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¿Sabías Esto? John Jay is #9 in the United States for bachelor's degrees awarded to Hispanics. Did You Know? John Jay es la universidad número 9 a nivel nacional a la hora de otorgar títulos de licenciatura a alumnos hispanos. #JohnJayHSI #JohnJayCollege #MyJohnJay

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“My group’s project is based on the perception of crime related to littering in neighbourhoods. The reason we’re doing it is because there are wrong stereotypes put on neighbourhoods- just because the Sanitation Department doesn’t clean up, a neighbourhood is considered dangerous or criminal. These are wrong accusations...the people there are actually really nice! We try to break that stereotype. I’m very passionate about the issue because I’m all about connecting to the community as an auxiliary police officer. I’m trying my best to prove that the police is not that bad or brutal. There might be some individuals that don’t care about the life or feelings of others, but that’s not us. We’re volunteers. We’re not there for the money. We’re there because we’re actually passionate about it; we want to change the stereotypical belief towards a more positive one.” —Maral, First-Year Student Researcher • Learn more about Maral's group project at @jjaysasp 's First-Year Student Showcase this Thursday during community hour in the Student Dining Hall! #BehindThePoster #HumansOfJohnJay #FYShowcase #MyJohnJay #JJCResearch #JJCStudents #JohnJayCollege

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This exciting place is #JohnJayCollege , located in the heart of Manhattan! Within walking distance, you will find Central Park, Lincoln Center, Times Square and many more iconic landmarks. If that's not enough, you can stay on campus and enjoy 60,000 square feet of our own park nestled in between two buildings. Apply Now:

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“I’m presenting on police brutality victims- specifically whether the next-of-kin can file a federal civil rights lawsuit. The focus is particularly on black victims of police brutality. Personally, I really like to watch horror movies. Not the ghost types- the psychological ones. I thought it would be exciting to learn about this because we talked about it in class. I thought I could look at it as watching a horror movie, but then I found out after researching these cases, it’s very hard to digest. You can’t look at this like it’s a joke. Things that are happening in horror movies are actually happening in real life. It’s not “fun” anymore. Families are broken. When we need help, you’re supposed to find police, but now we don’t know who we can trust.” —Yi-Chen, First-Year Student Researcher Check out @tina07tina20 's poster presentation at @jjaysasp 's First-Year Student Showcase this Thursday during community hour in the Student Dining Hall! • #BehindThePoster #ForensicPsychology #HumansOfJohnJay #FYShowcase #MyJohnJay #JJCStudents #JohnJayCollege #JJCResearch @jjearlystart

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Wishing the John Jay community a happy start to Hanukkah! #HappyHanukkah