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🌟 Getting in Christmas Mood.. 🌟

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@1stphorm • It's normal to lose up to 70 hairs a day, but if you're worried about hair loss, there are a few things you can do to prevent it — even if it's genetic. • 1. Rethink your diet: The idiom "you are what you eat" applies to your hair health, too. Hair and scalp problems can arise from either a deficiency or an excess of nutrients in your diet. Your hair cells need a balanced diet of proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to function at their best. Avoid extreme weight loss as well, another common determinant of hair loss. • 2. Chill out: Elevated stress levels may cause an increase in shedding, so it's important to take time to relax your mind. And while exercising is a great way to reduce tension, be aware: too much working out can provoke hair loss. • 3. Don't forget about your scalp: "Infrequent washing encourages dandruff, and studies have shown that dandruff can cause or exacerbate hair loss. If you already have dandruff or a flaky/itchy scalp, use specialist shampoos and toners to help clear irritation and flakes. For at-home relief, concoct a preshampoo treatment of two eggs, two half eggshells full of witch hazel, and half an eggshell of vodka. Apply the tonic to scalp and hair, then massage for 10 minutes. • 4. Take your vitamins: Get your fill of the necessary scalp and hair vitamins by taking supplements. I’m using @1stphorm Hair / Skin / Nail Essentials which is a combination of Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Biotin and Vitamins D, B12. All for shinier and fuller Hair & No Split Ends. 💃🏻 • It seems like a laundry list, but if you're patient, you'll notice the difference. [ #1stphorm #phamily ]

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This is your reminder that everything will get better. This is your reminder that every last detail of what is causing struggle in your life is only temporary. Every inch of doubt, worry, uncertainty, grief, and tribulation that you are being faced with will soon pass. Everything always passes. Trust in that. • This is your reminder to sit with yourself, to become familiar with your space and your emotions so that you can acknowledge them and feel them and then, let them go. The sooner you let lingering emotions pass through you, the sooner you confront them and allow yourself to deal with what is going on inside of you, the sooner you can move on. You are allowed to take time to heal. • This is your reminder that everything will be okay. As each day progresses things will become clearer, because you will be growing, you will be mending. • You will be your own hero. • You will save yourself. • You will replace pain with gratitude. • You will feel empowered where you once felt hopeless. •You will open doors where you once saw nothing. • Because trust me when I say — pain doesn’t last. Scarcity doesn’t last. Fear doesn’t last. What lasts in this life is the strength you develop when you push yourself forward, when you choose to heal yourself even when it hurts. • So — this is your reminder to keep moving, to keep creating, and to keep having hope in better days. I promise they are almost here. 🔑 • #glamandmama #joca

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Be in the moment. You need to let yourself enjoy your life without worrying about all that the future will bring. Living in the moment is not the same as being reckless; you can be fully present in a moment without this resulting in a negative outcome. • You are allowed to enjoy the things that you know will not last forever. • You are allowed to have fun. Some stories are much shorter than we ideally envision them to be but that doesn’t detract from their meaning. The shortest sentence can make the biggest impact. No one ever got mad at “I love you” for being just three words long. 🔑 • #glamandmama #joca

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Maybe you donʼt end up with the person your heart chooses. Maybe thatʼs not how life works. Maybe you donʼt get what you want. Maybe you end up finding what you need, and maybe the Universe knows what you need more than you do. Maybe love changes. Maybe it goes from “Iʼll wait up and call you after work,” to “Iʼm going to sleep, Iʼm tired.” Maybe it goes from “You have nothing to worry about,” to “I really wish you didnʼt overthink so much.” Maybe it goes from “I choose you,” to “I have to choose myself right now.” Maybe love isnʼt one of those things that grows with certain people. Maybe you become too big for it. Maybe it becomes too uncomfortable, too small for who you change into. Maybe itʼs like that sweater you always loved growing up, or your childhood bed. You learn to appreciate it for what it was, but you come to terms with the fact that you have outgrown it. You learn to let it go. And maybe letting go of love isnʼt some loud celebration at the end of a dark tunnel. Maybe letting go is the moment you decide that you can no longer keep the past alive inside of you. Maybe it is quiet, maybe there is no checklist, or way of telling if it has actually happened. Maybe it is simply just you learning how to release your grip, how to let things be, how to lay down your arms. Maybe that is how it's done — in the silence of it all, in the calmness of everyday life. I am starting to learn that maybe walking away is the best thing you can do for yourself, and for the person you love. Maybe walking away is you making peace with the fact that sometimes things and people and happiness changes. Maybe it is the bravest thing you can do. Maybe, when you walk away, youʼre not making the biggest mistake of your life. Maybe, when you walk away, your life is just beginning. #joca

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You know by now that a diet rich in protein can help with weight loss, keep you feeling fuller longer, and help you build lean muscle. But you also know that you can only stomach grilled chicken breasts so many meals per week before dietary boredom will completely derail your efforts. While there are plenty of high-protein recipes out there to spice things up, having a few favorite protein powders on hand ensures that no matter how busy or bored you are, you're just one push of the blender button away from a healthy meal. . One of my favorite flavors besides Vanilla and Chocolate, is LEVEL-1 Pumpkin Spice from @1stphorm. . If you like the real Christmas Style, then you should try out Christmas Nog and Peppermint Bark. [ Check link in my Bio ] . #iam1stphorm #duespaid #joca #proteinpowder

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If you have forgotten what you deserve — let me remind you.
You deserve someone asking you to slow dance on a weeknight in the street.
You deserve someone unapologetically pouring their heart out to you.
You deserve flowers sent to your office.
You deserve being a part of their entire world, not being their best-kept secret.
You deserve Sunday morning where they want you to stay. You deserve to never feel badly for saying what you think and feel. •
You deserve someone who wants to be there, not someone who is bored.
You deserve sleeping next to someone who leaves you whole, not lying next to a stranger that makes you feel lonely.
You deserve someone who wants to go to the ends of the earth to be with you, not someone who makes you go all the way alone. Because relationships are 50/50. Remember that.
You deserve to have someone helps carry the burdens life throws at you. Because life struggles were never meant to be endured alone. • You deserve someone drying your tears, never causing them. You deserve all these things. You just have to be brave enough to ask for them.
Please, my dear, life is too short and you are too young, you are too beautiful, you are too worth it to settle for anything less than extraordinary. And I know you question if itʼs out there, but it is. Itʼs waiting for you. •
Listen — love is something you can believe in. Promise me that you will believe in it. Promise me that you will never settle. • • • @rita_design_ #joca #glamandmama #miami

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@fashionnova - This morning I woke up and reminded myself that my soul is fucking beautiful, my mind is fucking powerful, my heart is made of fucking gold and Iʼve got so many god damn things going for me that I literally do not need ANYONE who isnʼt going to love me the way that I fucking deserved to be loved. 🔑 • #joca #glamandmama #novame #atmdd

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No matter who you are or what you do, you need protein. It builds muscle, keeps your bones strong, and helps you lose weight (if that's what you're going for). • But when you're in a hurry to get from one place to the next, you may not have time to sit down and have grilled chicken or a tofu scramble. That's when you reach for a protein bar, especially if you've just finished a workout. • Soo beyond happy @1stpohrm came out with their own protein bars in 3 different flavors. 😋 So delicious 🤤 Chocolate Crunch Peanut Butter Lover Salted Caramel • #iam1stphorm #phamily #duespaid #proteinbar

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@fashionnova • Try not to take things personally. Often what people say, is a reflection of them. Not of you... 🤷🏻‍♀️

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@1stphorm • Although cold weather and the holiday season are already here, that doesn't mean we can't stay motivated to get outside and enjoy the weather — or keep up with our health and fitness goals. • Whether it's shoe spikes that make it easy to run outside or a new pair of leggings, there are plenty of health and fitness products out there that make Winter even better. • Wearing @1stphorm 😁 [ #iam1stphorm #duespaid #phamily ]