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We MUST protect our youth and their human rights. Your support is a step towards supporting girls worldwide and putting an end to these issues in our lifetime. - Learn more at www.unfpa.org - Repost and use the hashtag #StandUp4HumanRights

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Rose Gold. You one of my favorite people @rosgo21 Til’ Next time

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Basel Squadron. Proud of @yusufyuie for envisioning & realizing his first Art Basel event. Man saw it with his eyes closed...like he is here. #ArtBasel #MiamiArtWeek

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"Protect Black Women At All Costs” does not mean that I/we/you should not protect other women. Undoubtedly, we must protect ALL women everywhere in the world. In my own family, I have a white mother, Mexican nieces, and South Korean cousins. I grew up in a family as diverse as the UN and I was raised to defend women of all ethnicities. - This sweatshirt simply recognizes the fact that Black women have been historically unprotected by this nation (and others) and, unfortunately, by Black men. In the same vein as the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” this sweatshirt does not negate the protection of other women. It simply highlights the protection of a particular group of women. If I were to wear a sweatshirt that says protect Muslim women or Queer women, it would not negate the protection of Christian women or Heterosexual women. - I want men to support women worldwide and I’ve had enough of Black men, in particular, acting as if our women are disposable and worthless. We can no longer take our women for granted. There were so many Black women who were on the frontlines during the inception of the “Black Lives Matter” movement; they marched and fought for us. But where are the men when the Black maternal mortality rate is 57% and when Black women in NYC are 12x more likely to die from childbirth or childbirth related causes?! Where are we when Black women are being harassed, assaulted, psychologically and physically abused at higher rates than any other ethnic group in the US?! This sweatshirt means a lot to me, my family, my friends, and my community because I have seen and heard stories from Black women that bring me to tears full of rage. We must support, defend, protect, embrace, and stand behind Black women. By protecting Black women we are taking a significant step in protecting ALL women. When someone protects their specific marginalized community, I am always inspired to protect my own marginalized communities. I wish the same inspiration for you. All I fight for is one love and harmony on this planet. Bless. - @myprideapparel #DiasporaDollars #BlackDollarsMatter #BuyBlack

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Rest In Power Madiba. Your legacy lives on throughout the world. 🇿🇦

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Happy Birthday to one of the biggest minds 🤯 I’ve ever encountered @chucklightning. Wishing you a magical year bro.