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@jayalvarrez See full size profile   Free Spirit Boy From Hawaii 🦋 Living Everywhere & No where.. Omertà Cortex & Love is #1 [email protected] ⬇️ My Custom Jewelry

1 week ago

Miss traveling around the pacific islands 🦋💙💦

2 weeks ago

“My Soul & You”.. A strange idea from my mind.. A quick little creative feeling I made.. This cut is for the more artistic minds that follow me 💪🏽.. Full video Link in my bio ❤️🦋

3 weeks ago

Music is the meditation! Thank you @kygolife for putting me on your #MyEscape Campaign.. 😌💪🏽✨

3 weeks ago

What’s up my lovessss 💗💪🏽 I made a limited amount of minimal style necklaces for summer.. For boys & Girls ✨ Link in my Bio.. Heading back to LA now from Ibiza thank you spain!!

1 month ago

—“Vueling airlines thank you really for losing our baggage today.. 😂🦋❤️”— ..Let’sLive.. ✨ #Justourluck #ibiza ✈️

1 month ago

Alright for real.. What’s your zodiac sign & what’s the most f&$ked up zodiac sign? 😂 I’m a cancer ♋️ Photo - @sonnychaotic

1 month ago

Always filling the void with something or someone.. Being a wild soul.. a free spirit, self discovery is inevitable and there is no place more wild to explore in this life than the human mind.. How you enter the mind & interpret it is entirely up to you.. But where can you take it once you access it more importantly? Sometimes it feels like you are in ur body with someone else that you can’t always get along with. But the base truth is that you are the master of that self reality.. You control it all. It’s been a long fucking journey but i’m so excited for the next chapter of my life to focus again on the most powerful highs live has to offer.. Love, Nature, & Creativity.. Of all the crazy things i’ve been through i’m happy to just be here & be alive.. No matter how you justify things life is all just in our heads.. Life is the craziest trip we will ever experience.. better make it a good one. All love to you beautiful humans, To much good things ahead 😜🦋❤️

1 month ago

Ninja vibes in the sky 😜❤️.. Perfect mix for a perfect morning @ignite ✊🏽🐾

1 month ago

Just to warm up your lovely day the cutest thing i’ve ever seen 😂✊🏽💗

1 month ago

I swear I looked 16 until I was 21 🧐 how old do I look if you had to guess my age.. honestly guys don’t offend 😛❤️

1 month ago

Moody overcast mornings.. sitting on my homies spaceship 😂..This month has been crazy for me.. emotions, mind & everything ✊🏽💪🏽❤️ anyone else have a crazy April? Sending all you beautiful humans good vibes 🌹⚡️

1 month ago

Seychelles.. what a place! Beautiful from above but under the surface is a grave yard of dead coral.. looks similar to cement you would see at a fake wave pool in a amusement park 😔🤯.. My recent trip with @savethereef & @karmagawa changed my entire views of this earth.. it’s hard to notice change when it’s not in front of you directly.. but this world is slowly getting trashed if we realize it or not.. We can help little by little and change things in our daily life but we really need the governments & big companies to give a fuck.. I encourage anyone who follows me to just at least be aware of what’s happening to our planet. I love humans, I love people, I love you. I won’t give up on us ever.. let’s keep our home available for the future generations ❤️. Photo @reefhunter 💪🏽