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2 hours ago

Deep Mind Trance (DMT) Jay mind experimenting “Q1. “Who are we • ?”💡 (Read yesterday post before if you didn’t see it) The question originally I wrote was “Who am I?” but the idea of “I”.. that quickly dissolved after the DMT. Where does one start by defining this.. Usually in our society and as most of us will answer this when asked.. “Who am I?..” “Well I love ballet! So I am a ballerina!” or “Who Am I?..” “I’ve studied & dedicate my time to studying phycology! So I must be a psychologist!” & then what about the rest of us? Those who have yet to find a core passion or a core career? So many of us don’t know who we are because society tries to define us by just our jobs and not our consciousness. Well my friend.. When I’m asked “Who am I?” I can only truly grasp and feel who I am when I look at.. YOU. Something clicked in my brain, a new neural pathway perhaps? A self realization? A universal download? When I look at YOU before I saw your body, your eyes, your skin, your hair, your lips, your voice, & your ambience.. I saw you possibly as attractive? Or even perhaps a threat? I saw you as your career or job? Or a good or bad person? Now these all became second nature, as I can only see you as awareness and consciousness the same as I see myself. Similar to when two people fall in love perhaps and physical looks become second to an “emotional” connection. So what does that look like? This is where things get tricky, as humans we can barely conceptualize these feelings, let alone describe it with words or visually. Between me and my friends I call it the black dot • & yes it’s visually as it sounds. For me it’s a neutral way to describe a “soul”, a “consciousness”, a “person”, & how I describe “us”. With every birth we split and divide and make new •’s. It’s as if we are all one consciousness and just different pieces of the same pie. Imagine every wrong doing and spite of hate to another • or every good deed or act of kindness to another • ... has really just been an act on yourself • . Perhaps that’s why we feel guilt or other energies from these actions towards others. 💡 I’ve written the rest in the comments or swipe right on the photo!

1 day ago

My Friends.. This may be off topic but I’ve always been that kind of human to go against the grain so I figured it’s worth sharing. So.. Straight to it I’m going to be starting a short self experiment going into a meditation called Deep Mind Trance (I’ll call it DMT for short 🤗) Doing this meditation each day and focusing on a core human concept. (For “Educational” purposes.) During these experiences I’ll study and document the universal downloads and perspectives that come to my mind unfiltered and best I can. The next few days I’ll post my insights on a different topic each post - who are we, what are we, what are we inside of, what is time, what is our purpose, Love & connections, trauma & ancestor trauma.. etc. I’ll be trying to destroy my ego and let DMT take control of my consciousness. Everyone has an opinion.. good or bad. My only ask to you is to give my mind and intuition a listen. Because the worlds very curated and sensitive to reality i’ll have to hold back quite a bit of details and information. But i’ll try my best to be real with you. and if you don’t connect with this way of thinking, All G it’s just one part of my mind and not what defines me my grasp will always be in reality. Either way it’s interesting. I’ve very lucky in the fact I have been able to gather such a large reach on social media especially with such a big generation of those between 16-30. I dropped out of school & haven’t completed anything in a classroom since I was 11 years old. I’ve had a lot of free time to focus and learn life from other humans, experiences & travels, the internet and much more besides routine and books. I hope we can connect together and share some stories and perspectives in the comments as I go along doing this.. Thank YOU • !! (I’ll be posting once everyday until I finish, turn on my notifications incase you miss it because the algorithm! ❤️). @splitconscious is going to be my second page I post all my other weird interest on there as well 🤗🤯👌🏽

4 days ago

The ocean has given me everything.. it was always a home & comfort when I had nothing. But it needs our protecting.. With big companies and government showing very little interest.. Thankfully @4ocean is making a difference...With every bracelet purchased, 4ocean will remove 1lb of trash from the ocean and coastline. Join me and be apart of a new consciousness.. Let’s take care of the only home we have now.. ❤️💦🙏🏽 #4oceanlifestyle

1 week ago

Still wondering how I ever agreed to locking myself in this bag and getting thrown out of a helicopter 🤔 Since it’s almost Christmas i’m hooking up you and a friend with a set of my special edition bags! Just tag a friend on @douchebags last post and follow them to enter ✌🏽I’m so stoked to have my own special edition. Best thing is that the bags can all attach together when traveling with lots of gear.. makes my life easier 🙏🏽❤ (You can see the video on my youtube of me in the bag 😂 link in bio)

1 week ago

It’s Snow ? 🥺 kidding ..Crazzy it’s looking like winter here in hawaii ❄️❄️❄️☃️☃️☃️😏😏😏 thanks to ma boys @suspiciousantwerp for fueling the good times.. these guys have redefined fashion 💀🧠👅

2 weeks ago

Pretty much rolled outta bed to this coffee spot after being up for 24 hours straight in berlin going craaazzzzy 🤪😵(Btw Germany such an amazing country) 🤪❤️.. Probably one of my favorite things in the world contemplating life with a friend over a cup of coffee.. Thanks to @zoe.ona for this new cashmere unisex hoodie so 🔥 use code jay20 for 20% off 🙏🏽❤️

2 weeks ago

What happens when these 2 crazy fuckers come together 😂👌🏽 Had a epic chat yesterday on @loganpaul new podcast ⬅️ Impaulsive! Hope you guys enjoy it! Shout out to elon musk for the flame thrower.. exactly what I need in my life ❤️😂👌🏽

3 weeks ago

Are you fucking kidding !! Costa Rica was such a dream 💙💙connecting with amazing places and being around people I love.. 🥰 can’t wait to go back.. such a cool good vibe place.. I’m working on some new projects soon can’t wait to share with u guys..💡🤭 Thanks @planethollywoodhotels for the stay. 🙏🏽👌🏽❤️

3 weeks ago

Vibes in Costa Rica are 👌🏽 wishing I could get some more waves.. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! 💦 #Shein Black Friday sale use code jayalvarrez15 for 15% off everything 👌🏽 oh yeaah 😏💡 @sheinofficial

3 weeks ago

Fuccck Yeaaah I’m in Costa Rica 💙!! What’s the best part of this country? Chillin for a few days before berlin! thanks @planethollywoodhotels for the stay 🙏🏽 #vacationlikeastar

1 month ago

Tattoos on my skin? They have always been under my skin as feelings and emotions it's only now that I show them on my skin for the rest of you to feel as well. more tattoos or na? #shotonapotato