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@jasonkipnis22  Baseball player for the Cleveland Indians. SunDevil. Blackhawks fan.

4 days ago

‘Twas a good knight indeed...

1 month ago

At the end of the season I almost bought an expensive chain I had had my eye on for awhile! Decided instead to spend that money on a suite for Elton John’s last tour with 20 of my closest family and friends, and a surprise birthday celebration for my mom! Have always found moneys much more enjoyable when spent on experiences and memories! Had a blast with this group! #istillmightgetthechain 😳🤫😂 #Rocketman

1 month ago

Not sure the shoes will fit you, but this chin scratch should do #KipsShoeToss

1 month ago

Thank you to everyone coming out for this! Love doin this for the fans who support us all year! No, this sure wasn’t for the naysayers online... this is for the people who keep showing up win or lose. The ones who take time to message us to keep our heads up when times are tough. Who smile and say Roll Tribe or good luck or thank you in passing. Can’t tell you how much that means to my teammates and I. So again, Thank You Cle! Got nothin but love for this beautiful city!

1 month ago

Shoe Toss time!! That time of the year again! Tomorrow at 12 noon! Seems to be the only sunny day so looking forward to seeing everyone at the players lot! As usual it’ll be more than just shoes! Cleaning the locker means bats, batting gloves and more!

2 months ago

.... You can’t afford me! 😂 #18

2 months ago

Speechless... #1000. “Ripped Deep right Grand slam Goodnight!”