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41 minutes ago

@gracielamontes_ breaking the internet with so much cake 🎂 😱 lol

3 days ago

Swipe left to see the beauty of Iceland! The rest of my photos are all posted on my travel page @jailynetravels I truly fell in love with this place! I just wish I would’ve got to see the northern lights but I missed them by a few days. I’ve heard Norway is a good place to see them as well, maybe I’ll go there. #outfit @fashionnova #iceland #waterfalls #jailynetravels

5 days ago

@bgmgcosmetics helped me with the dark areas on my elbows that I’ve never liked. Just how some people have very dark knees I have somewhat dark elbows so I got a good scrub on them today.

1 week ago

If you’re single go try out the CLOVER DATING app! My friends say it’s a great dating app to meet people. Search CLOVER DATING in the App Store. Link in bio 💕🍾🤞🏻

1 week ago

These leggings from @poshsnobleggings fit like a glove 🧤 I’m going to buy all of them! One for every day of the week 🙌🏻

1 week ago

London 🙌🏻 in my white @fashionnova pants

1 week ago

Caption this

2 weeks ago

I know this looks crazy but if you zoom in you’ll see he’s actually trying to go inside my slipper! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ which btw are from @shopbriaamani

2 weeks ago

This is random and has nothing to do with the photo but then again none of my captions do, and if they did they would be so boring don’t you think? Like hey just here posing on the beach looking hot 🙄 btw bikini is from @fashionnova for those girls who always ask 😘 So anyways these are some of the best feelings ever and if you disagree you’re not human lol. Main one for me is finally peeing after holding it for so long 🙈 Finally eating after starving for hours Sleeping like a baby after a long day Getting a head massage when you’re stressed or frustrated The taste of a hot and cold desert at the same time Getting your hair played with (If you’re a girl) Taking a hot shower after hours of walking in cold rainy weather And taking off your heels (shoes) after dancing all night or walking all day in them