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11 hours ago

My calendar is ready! 🙌🏻👏🏻 pre order yours now ♥️😍 link in bio

1 day ago

The driver asked me if I wanted to go in the front with him and I said yes. I was recording videos on snap and he asked to take my phone, I gave it to him with out getting out of snap and he did the video where I’m next to him 😆 I wasn’t expecting that. Luxor is so beautiful and the people are so nice just like in Cairo! #Luxor #Egypt #jailynetravels

2 days ago

Here’s a video of me walking but if you slide to the left you’ll see the cutest video ever. 😩♥️ #favoritevideoofalltime

2 days ago

These angles really make me look tall don’t they 😬

4 days ago

Todos le andaban preguntando a mi fotógrafo y al guía que si cuantos camellos les daban por mi 😂😂😂😂 se pasan en Egypto. Pero me divertí muchísimo ♥️

5 days ago

Egypt part 2 🇪🇬 BTW everywhere I go I talk to people who go up to me and I take photos with anyone who asks I’ve never ignored anyone or thought I was too cool for anyone because we are all human and we are all equal. I was very happy but it’s not easy to show my emotions when my facial paralysis doesn’t allow me to smile. Those who judge me and say I’m stuck up because I have a resting bitch face all the time don’t know what it’s like to want to smile and show how happy you’re feeling but not being able to. I smile with my eyes and my aura reflects me on the inside which is why I attract animals and babies. Anyways Egypt was fun! Can’t wait to meet more fans in other countries. 🙏🏻

6 days ago

Egypt part 1 #egypt #cairo 🇪🇬 so much love! ♥️

1 week ago

When you have a mouthful of food and they tell you to pose for the picture lol

1 week ago

I know the first pic is a booty pic but if you scroll to the left you can see how long my hair is. I remember when I used to wear extensions to make my hair look like this and look at it now so long, full and thick 😍 #outfit @fashionnova