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#buckinghampalace #london

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Of course this would be the first place where I would take a photo 😌

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Each body has its art 🎨

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The more happy you are , the more you enjoy life, and the more you love yourself and feel loved by others the less you care about negative 💩@lillylashes #spreadpositivity

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Good morning 😃 @shoptobi

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Comment your zodiac sign below ♥️ I want to see how many of my followers are Capricorn’s like me.

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It’s crazy how in Elementary school, 4th grade to be precise. I developed and got super tall. So tall that my nickname was giraffe and I looked down on all the boys and girls even the 5th graders were smaller than I was and I looked so grown I hated it because all the teachers and cafeteria workers even moms of other students asked if I had flunked a grade or two 🙄 By middle school most guys had started to hit puberty so I wasn’t a giraffe anymore and now I’m considered short because I stayed the same size since 4th grade 😂 I used to think I was never going to stop growing and had even thought about becoming a runway model. Outfit from @shoptobi

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This caption has nothing to do with my picture (like always) but I’m so happy México won ♥️ 🇲🇽