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2 hours ago

Ain’t nothin to it, real one✨ Top: @fashionnova

8 hours ago

I haven’t done one of these selfie things in a while. 😁 I hope you smile today. Fun Fact: My smile used to be my BIGGEST insecurity, before my braces I used to constantly put my hand in front of my mouth every time I laughed or smiled. I just wanna say thank you to the dentists and orthodontist!!! Y’all the real MVP’s❤️🥇do any of y’all remember my braces days?🤔👀 (I loved them✨)

19 hours ago

“I can do anythinggggg” #OTRii

1 day ago

Which one is a deal breaker? Bad Communication, Bad Sex, or No Spontaneous Fun. (Lmao that damn ice cream truck in the background 😅🤣🍦)

1 day ago

Somehow it got deleted🤔* My destiny has been set. Whatever’s meant to be mine. Will be mine. #Blessed Jeans: @fashionnova

4 days ago

When you find out your crush is putting in work at the park💪🏾💦, so you decide to pull up in ya @fashionnova fit🤪💕 #whatacoincidence 👀😏

5 days ago

Slept soooo good in my PJ onesie from @fashionnova 💕

6 days ago

Life is like a sandwich, either way you flip it, your bread ALWAYS comes first. 🤑✨ Outfit: @fashionnova