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1 day ago

I may not be the baddest but the way my confidence is set up will have you believin I am 💕

5 days ago

Can’t think of a caption lol. Best caption gets a follow back ✨ Jacket: @fashionnova

6 days ago

I keep positive vibes because there’s already too much negative sh*t going on in this world💕 #TBT Fun Fact: My smile used to be my biggest insecurity growing up. I had a gap and used to constantly cover my mouth when I smiled or laugh. I just wanna shout out my dentist & orthodontist🦷 y’all the real MVP’s❤️

1 week ago

Put in WERKKKK tonight💪🏾 What’s your favorite time of day to workout out? Early morning, noon, or night? (I love late night gym sessions)

1 week ago

Feeling blessed and highly favored✨

1 week ago

Texas has been amazing! But Baby girl is hungry lol❤️

1 week ago

If you gon’ come. Come correct. Baby Girl T: @fashionnova 💕

1 week ago

Tell me something I don’t know🧐✨

1 week ago

Keep climbing up the ladder...they mad? Make em’ madder👌🏾🖤 _____________________________________ LADIES!!!! @vishnycity just launched their New Luxury Athleisure Wear x POPPY Sweatshirt Collection🙌🏾✨ Fellas shop @vishnycity and get ya girl somethin’ nice for Christmas (link in their bio)🔥🔥🔥

1 week ago

“For every dark night. There’s a brighter day.” -Pac Shirt: @fashionnova

1 week ago

Just cause I want some strawberries right now 🍓🤤