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1 day ago

She wanted Seattle, he wanted London- they ended up in New York. 🖤

3 days ago

Hey guys! With the holidays so close, I thought we’d do a little international giveaway. 💫 . Tag your brightest star in the comments for a chance to win a signed copy of The Brightest Stars for you and your friend!. . Winner will be contacted on Tuesday!

5 days ago

I meannn today was pretty freaking amazing. I got to speak on The freaking @todayshow and give my book recs of the year! What a way to end the best year of my life. You guys!! 😭❤️

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1 week ago

Thank you to everyone who came out to see me in Dallas last night. It was an incredible turn out and we sold out of The Brightest Stars! I’m on my flight back now and Asher has been a champion. With his autism, sometimes flying can be hard for him. The noises, the lights, the crowd of people. His little world is different than mine and I try my best to make it as easy as possible for him. Sometimes it works out and we listen to music or I rub his back the way he loves, and sometimes it’s much harder than that and someone gets a toy thrown at their head🙃 but not today, today he’s hugging his pillow and listening to Ariana Grande so today’s a good day ✨

2 weeks ago

One of my favorite things about this writing journey has been the signings. I have no idea just how many countries, how many cities, how many beautiful bookstores I’ve been fortunate enough to not only visit, but have a group of people waiting for me. We’ve spent hundreds of hours together, laughing, screaming, crying, sharing memories and becoming family. I’ve heard how incredible your lives are, or how hard they can be. Pregnancies, marriages, divorces, illnesses, new jobs, new schools, new friends- we’ve talked about it all. These moments are the tissue that holds this family together, and I couldn’t thank you more for spending your valuable time with me. Have I met you at an event? Tell me about it- and if i haven’t yet- tell me all the things in your life right now✨

2 weeks ago

Be nice ✨ I’m heading to Dallas to sign this coming Tuesday at Half Price books flagship store! (To make up for the rain storm cancellation) I hope to see some of you there! Your reaction to the teaser has been INSANE! I’m so freaking happy and excited for you to see the trailer and our movie!! If you like the teaser... just wait ✨ Now that you’ve watched it at least ten times (or 1000 like me) - What’s your favorite part?? April will come sooo fast. Eek. #AfterMovie

3 weeks ago

I can’t believe this little idea I had five years ago is now this big whole movie and YOU guys made that happen- so give yourself a hug for me, thank you guys ❤️ Our movie is freaking amazing and all the things you want it to be. #aftermovie

1 month ago

Happy Birthday @hero_ft ! I can’t wait to celebrate with you! I’ll bring the Tito’s. Guys- I can’t wait for you to see Hero in our @aftermovie - we couldn’t have a better Hardin 💗. Can’t wait to watch your life change. Now GOOOO VOTE everyone!