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6 hours ago

Milan ➡️ Florence ❤️

9 hours ago

Milan, you’ve been grand! ❤️ #MFW

12 hours ago

This city is full of color! 🌈 #MFW

15 hours ago

A little print-on-print action for a day of exploring.💫 #MFW

23 hours ago

The colors of Italy on my dish 🇮🇹

1 day ago

Capturing the world through the lens of my #GalaxyNote9PH 🌎✨ I love the Auto Scene Recognition feature on my phone, which lets me photograph the places I go to in such stunning detail. 💙

1 day ago

Here in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, people flock to this mosaic bull to make a wish! ✨ It is said that it will only come true if you place your heel on the bull and spin thrice. My wish actually came true the last time I did this! 💙

1 day ago

The fashion week hustle is non-stop so I need a phone that can keep up with my schedule. Thankfully, the #GalaxyNote9PH is a high-performance phone with a lengthy battery life that stays up and running even through crazy long fashion week days. 💙