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@iamdan6598  I own a small fabrication shop in CT

1 year ago

Well we're making big moves. It's terrifying but I'm still really excited. #letsbuildsomeshit

2 years ago

We had one hell of a weekend at clubloose north!! Check out the teaser video on the @teamnogriplife YouTube channel. The link is in my bio

2 years ago

60 days in a row and still going strong!! Link to the video will be in my bio

2 years ago

In tonight's video, I went on a tire melting adventure with @dirtyfoxmissle and @miatafromhell the link to the video will be in my bio once it finishes uploading

2 years ago

Some people have been telling me in the comments to film some gun stuff. So in tomorrow's video I go to @devon0804 families range to shoot some crazy guns!

2 years ago

2 years ago

Almost 1am and finally @miatafromhell pos Miata is back to running and driving and now has some fancy drift parts underneath haha Now I just gotta fix the body a little and maybe add some whistle and pshhh noises. I think I gotta stop working so much though, it's too late to be doing this shit haha #miata #driftcar #moddedknuckles #driftparts

2 years ago