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17 hours ago

California Gov. Gavin Newsom had the rainbow pride flag raised at the state Capitol on Monday for the first time in state history, sending a message of resistance against the Trump administration’s policy forbidding the LGBTQ banner at other government buildings. The Democratic governor tweeted out the news with a photo showing the pride flag flying beneath the American flag midway through LGBTQ Pride Month. It will stay up until July 1. “In California, we celebrate and support our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community’s right to live out loud – during Pride month and every month,” Newsom said in a statement. “By flying the pride flag over the State Capitol, we send a clear message that California is welcoming and inclusive to all, regardless of how you identify or who you love.” // 📸: Getty Images 

18 hours ago

LOVE THIS! Brie Larson shared the spotlight with some of Hollywood’s overlooked action heroes on Monday’s broadcast of the MTV Movie & TV Awards. In accepting her award for Best Fight, the “Captain Marvel” star took the stage with her stunt doubles, Renae Moneymaker and Joanna Bennett. Larson thanked MTV and the fans for the honor, then shifted the attention to her colleagues. “I wanted to take this moment to really say thank you to the two women who are standing here beside me,” she said. “These are the women that trained me and were also the stunt doubles for ‘Captain Marvel.’ I could not have made this film without them. They are really the baseline of who she is. They are the living embodiment of Captain Marvel.” // 📸: Getty Images

1 day ago

Comedian Tiffany Haddish pulled the plug on her June 22 show in Atlanta in protest over Georgia’s controversial new abortion law. The “heartbeat” abortion law, signed by Gov. Brian Kemp (R) last month, bans the procedure as soon as a doctor can detect fetal cardiac activity, which typically happens about six weeks into a pregnancy ― when many women are not yet aware they are pregnant. “After much deliberation, I am postponing my upcoming show in Atlanta. I love the state of Georgia, but I need to stand with women and until they withdraw Measure HB481, I cannot in good faith perform there.” Haddish was scheduled to perform at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. The venue will offer refunds to anyone who bought tickets to the show, a spokeswoman for the public relations firm that represents Fox Theatre told CNN. Several celebrities, including Jordan Peele, Ben Stiller and Alec Baldwin, have spoken out against the law. Major production companies including Disney and Netflix have threatened to reconsider filming in the state over the ban. // 📸: Getty Images 

2 days ago

Yes, Issa Rae! 👏🏾 The “Insecure” creator brought the audience to its feet with her funny acceptance speech, in which she jokingly said she did it all on her own.

3 days ago

WNBA star Brittney Sykes ( @brittbundlez ) made this 9-year-old superfan’s dream come true with a heartwarming gesture. 🏀❤️

4 days ago

Meet Nic and Carla, a married couple who travel the country in their tractor trailer. 🚚 Out on the road, Nic and Carla often face discrimination, so they created their own YouTube channel to share their experiences with the world. #ProudOutLoud

4 days ago

This could be a game changer. ☝️ Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley want people to be able to access birth control easily and affordably ― and are pushing new legislation to do it. They worked with a handful of other Democratic women lawmakers to introduce the “Affordability is Access” act, which would require insurance companies to cover oral contraception ― like daily birth control pills ― and have it be available over the counter without the need for a doctor’s prescription. “At a time when reproductive rights are under attack, it is more critical than ever that we take bold steps to reaffirm reproductive rights for all Americans," Pressley said. // 📷: Getty and AP Images

5 days ago

So important. 👆 Yesterday, Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker signed into law a landmark bill to protect reproductive rights as states across the country pass increasingly restrictive anti-abortion legislation. The Reproductive Health Act rules that it is a “fundamental right” for individuals “to make autonomous decisions about one’s own reproductive health.” Gov. Pritzker said: “In a time when too many states across the nation are taking a step backward, Illinois is taking a giant step forward for women’s health." // 📷: Getty Images

5 days ago

Love this! 🌈 The great-granddaughter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt will honor her family’s legacy and the LGBTQ community by unveiling what’s being billed as New York City’s largest rainbow pride flag. The staircase at Four Freedoms Park, which opened in 2012 and is located on the southern tip of New York City’s Roosevelt Island, will be decorated in rainbow colors starting Friday. The installation will remain in place through June 30. // 📷: @4freedomspark

5 days ago

Incredible. 👏 @arianagrande has donated around $250,000 she made from a recent concert in Atlanta to Planned Parenthood on the heels of Georgia’s governor signing a controversial abortion law. In early May, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed the so-called “heartbeat bill,” which bans abortion as soon as a doctor can detect cardiac activity in an embryo. That’s typically around six weeks into a pregnancy, when many people aren’t even aware that they’re pregnant. “We are so grateful to Ariana for her longstanding commitment to supporting women’s rights and standing with Planned Parenthood to defend access to reproductive health care,” Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Dr. Leana Wen said. “We won’t stop fighting — no matter what.” // 📷: AP Images

5 days ago

WNBA star Brittney Sykes ( @brittbundlez ) made this 9-year-old superfan’s dream come true with a heartwarming gesture. 🏀❤️

6 days ago

Florida lawmakers proposed a bill that would make Pulse nightclub a national memorial, days before the third anniversary of the mass shooting at the Orlando venue. Democratic U.S. Reps. Darren Soto, Stephanie Murphy and Val Demings introduced legislation that would designate the now-closed Pulse in Orange County as a federal landmark to honor the 49 people killed in the deadliest act of violence against LGBTQ people in recent U.S. history. “The memorial will serve as a reminder of the remarkable way our community came together to heal and overcome hate,” Soto said Monday to a crowd in front of Pulse’s interim memorial. “We recognize the need to preserve LGBTQ historic sites because of cases like the Matthew Shepard Memorial, which have been deliberately destroyed over time without these protections. Let the Pulse Memorial become a symbol of hope, love and light.” // 📸: Getty Images