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@houstie_the_pittie  AKA Houstie Butt🍑 Pretty, pretty, pretty Pit🐶 Livin’ the good life in BK, NYC🍎 Rescue from @animalhaven🤘 Snuggly, social, and oh so sweet! 🤜♥️🤛

5 days ago

We call this the “Houstie tumbles!” #waitforit

1 week ago

🎼 I believe I can flyyyy / I believe I can touch the skyyyy 🎼

2 weeks ago

I fall asleep in Mama’s hand m’kay. 😴

3 weeks ago

It’s a snuggle puddle day today at daycare! My friend and I are even playin’ footsie—can you spot it? 🤫😉

1 month ago

Happy Sunday, snitches! I do snuggz all day. Baiiii.

1 month ago

“Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” ... “Have no fear, Houstie’s here!” 🤠 (plus some more fun, enthusiastic daycare play time pics)

1 month ago

This is me defiantly protesting outdoor play time at daycare by waiting by the door. It’s cold, people, haven’t ya heard?! l ain’t down!

1 month ago

You can find me here, like this, all weekend. Happy FriYAY, folks!

1 month ago

When you realize it’s only Tuesday...

1 month ago

Don’t fux with my snuggle time, bro. 🥰

1 month ago

Tonight, I dined on a fine organic, grass-fed hamburger courtesy of the lovely @katelasala and her hubby, John! This is my version of a personalized TY (thank you 😉) note, showing off my “leave it” that Kate taught me. It took Mom FURever to write, and I drooled all over the floor, but dammit, it was worth it!

1 month ago

I met my long-lost fraternal twin this morning! Her name is Aiko. We even had the same color leash. #twinsies 💛

2 months ago

But wait, there’s more! 😍

2 months ago

The snuggle is real ova at daycare!

2 months ago

4.3 mile Sunday AM walk (where I met so many new friends near/at Prospect Park!) got me feelin’ fiiiine!

2 months ago

Last night (1st pic) vs. this morning (2nd pic)! I clearly had a rager after my pawrents went to bed. Had a ruff time gettin’ my day grooving today, but I met lotsa pals on my morning walk and am feelin’ gooooood.

2 months ago

Post-doggy daycare vibes got me liiiiike... bai. 💆‍♀️