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@hieroaplus  As above, so below, with love at wheel, hate at the heel, fate on the reel and great on the seal 😁 Bless-Up!

1 day ago

I’m super happy right now. Last night, my partners and I from @truenorthcalifornia threw a sold out show at @minersfoundry featuring @tooshort @officialc5 @pharroh.nc @kurtkain. As if it couldn’t get any better, I met 2/3 of my favorite group @theglitchmob ( @boreta and @ooah ) at their show down the block at @stonehousenevadacity (where @truenorthcalifornia just threw our @delhiero @amplivesworld show recently). I had the chance to tell them how much their music has inspired and lifted me. I’m emo af. They both gave me a hug that felt the same as their music feels. You guys are the real deal. I’m more inspired than ever. Thank you so much. Thank everyone that feels music magic. Thank you 💚👊🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾 #music #love #light #hieroglyphics #glitchmobinspired #glitchmob #truenorth #happy

1 week ago

My Son/Brotha and I 👊🏾. “There are tremendous possibilities in each of you for the future. Better by far to have a small but living and growing faith than to be possessed of a great intellect with its dead stores of worldly wisdom and spiritual unbelief.” #family #love #fatherhood 📸 by Sis @edlishere 💚

1 week ago

Support the Brotha Tajai Goop People! Repost from @prointelcompany :::: I don’t really do the video thing but PLEASE check out the @indiegogo campaign. Help me make @hibiscusgarden , an already vibrant space, even more full of life! https://igg.me/at/hierohotel/x (LINK ALSO IN BIO). To those who have already supported, THANK YOU SO MUCH, let’s keep this momentum going!!! #boutiquehotel #studio #yoga #surf #retreats #entrepreneurship #blackentrepreneur #travel #family #rapnoir #hieroglyphics #soulsofmischief #indie #panama #hibiscusgarden #crowdfunding #indiegogo #grateful

1 week ago

Damn Mayer. Why you go so hard on ya boys? We mess witcha bro. Where’s the love? 🙏🏾💚😂 repost from my Bro @platurn #93tilinfinity

3 weeks ago

July 20th, True North Presents is back with another dope night of entertainment! West Coast rap pioneer @tooshort will be performing his hits LIVE! IN NEVADA CITY, CA. TOO $HORT aka SHORT DOGG is a six- time platinum artist who has been producing music and honing his stagecraft since the early days of hip hop in Oakland, Ca. This show is a rare chance to see a true legend at work up close in an intimate, limited capacity venue. Also performing are @officialc5 , Pharroh, @lexlevel , Kenny P, and Kurt Kain. Hosted by @hieroaplus ! See you there! #nevadacity #minersfoundry

4 weeks ago

Grab one before they’re gone my people 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾. @adapt :::::::: Our second collaboration with @hieroaplus is here :: CTA-Plus is now available in tees + tanks @ adaptclothing.com + Adapt SF + Adapt San Leandro :: #aplus #hieroglyphics #dontsleep

4 weeks ago

Insert caption here: ___________. Repost from @arielpeace (Btw, this shit is normal, been happening OUR whole lives. We just have smart phones with cameras now. This ain’t new, they just are emboldened by our current administration’s racism, classism, sexism, bigotry, etc.) 😡

1 month ago

The soul is the self-reflective, truth-discerning, and spirit-perceiving part of man which forever elevates the human being above the level of the animal world. Self-consciousness, in and of itself, is not the soul. Moral self-consciousness is true human self-realization and constitutes the foundation of the human soul, and the soul is that part of man which represents the potential survival value of human experience. 📸 by @d4nguyen

1 month ago

😡Repost from @shaunking ::::: I've now been contacted by dozens of people from the East Pittsburgh area to say that police just shot two teenage boys in the back. According to family, one boy is 13 years old. We are demanding answers now. //UPDATE: I am told the 13 year old has died

1 month ago

True North Presents: Make ya next move ya best move. Nevada City. Stay tuned!