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5 hours ago

We’re back at Csóromfölde ❤️ Beautiful people, amazing atmosphere - just what you’d expect from a Hello Wood international summer school & festival 🔥 This year marks our 10th camp so we are all about celebration! Follow our journey through Instagram stories, see what’s going on in the coolest architecture festival in Hungary! . Projects are really interesting this year, we’re so eager to share more detail about them with you guys 🤟🏼 P.S.: On this photo, Andris and Krisztián are having a small break during the day in the shadow of our faboulus Grand Cabin from last year’s Cabin Fever 🙇🏻‍♂️ . 📸: @fnyrzkny . #10thanniversary #carnival #hellowoodsummerschool #buildersociety #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool

4 days ago

It’s a wrap 🎉 Építész Mustra 2019 is officially over! It’s been a wonderful week and we were thrilled when we finally saw the installations of the students 🔥 Each and every project is unique in its own way and also the stories behind them are pretty interesting. . Now it’s time for a huge shoutout for everyone who has contributed to this amazing summer school: Anita and Andi, our main organizers who controlled everything all through the week, so we had a unforgettable camp; Peti, Andris and Dávid, founders of HW, for still spreading, pushing their and Hello Wood’s vision: learning by doing; the staff: workshop coordinators, general coordinators, media crew, cooks, Gólya (for not keeping us thirsty 😜); students and their team leaders - you MAKE 🤘🏼; and everyone who I missed now writing this, sitting on the ground, being overwhelmed by this incredible movement and happy that Építész Mustra was too good to be real AGAIN ❤️ . tldr - it was fun, peace meeting the next group of students in 3 days at Csóromfölde 🤷🏻‍♂️ . 📣 for the students: send some sign, thoughts in the comment section if you’ve read this and loved the camp as well as we did. . 📸: @lakosmate - photos taken with Phase One camera, big thanks and shoutout to @tripontfoto for providing us this equipment. . #építészmustra2019 #építészmustra #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool

1 week ago

This year’s projects are incredibly exciting at Építész Mustra 🚨 . For example: architecture students of Soproni Egyetem have chosen to reimagine Imre Makovecz’s pavilion, located in Tokaj. . Makovecz was one the most influential Hungarian architects of the 20th century. This pavilion was originally built in 1977, more than 40 years ago. The project came alive as part of a building camp - pretty similar to our summer schools. . We’re looking forward to the result of the students’ work - after they finish, visitors will be able to look inside the long railed off pavilion. . P.S.: To follow the daily life of Építész Mustra, check our stories each day 🤟🏼 . 📸: @lakosmate . #építészmustra2019 #építészmustra #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool

1 week ago

#tbt Vertical Cabin 🇨🇿 . “This project was unusual compared to other projects this year, as the vertical cabin was made from re-used materials. The builders worked with scrap material that had been left behind by other teams from previous years.”
. The Vertical Cabin couldn’t have been this colorful without the help of @remmersmagyarorszag , that’s why we’re so happy to have them as our sponsors for this year’s summer school as well 🤟🏼 . This year’s installations will bring much, much color, so be prepared for amazing, colorful photos 🌈 . 📸: @tamas_bujnovszky . #sponsoredcontent #remmers #colours #10thanniversary #carnival #hellowoodsummerschool #buildersociety #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool

1 week ago

🤯 mood: organizing and making an inventory of all of our Makita gear to get ready for the summer schools 🤘🏼 @makita_magyarorszag . P.S.: Do you recognize which Cabin is under construction on this photo? 🏗 . 📸: @tamas_bujnovszky . #sponsored #makita #hellowood #architecture #woodenarchitecture #builderssociety #buso #carnival #epiteszmustra #hellowoodsummerschool #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool

2 weeks ago

Fancy community space, right? 😍 . Making another dream come true together with @telenorhungary 🤟🏼 Hungarian water sports club, @szitakoto_se and its members are already making full use of this “surf station” at Lake Velence. As they said, this building makes their life so much easier: ∙ no need to carry every accessory back and forth to their home 🚶🏼‍♂️ ∙ the station also serves as a very important meeting spot for them 🙏🏻 . As part of our campaign called Együtt/tér, together with Telenor we chose communities to build their dream community hall. Proudly showing you the result of the second project, swipe through the pictures ✌🏼 . #együtttér #hellowood #telenorhungary #installation #architecture #sunset #building #archidaily #instarchitecture #architecture_lovers #archiporn

2 weeks ago

1. Casually clinking bottles for the gram 🍻 2. When can I crack open my Asahi? 😕 3. Finally 😍 +1: @david_raday teaching you how to pour a draft beer like a pro 🤷🏻‍♂️ . It’s only 2 weeks until we get back to Csóromfölde and enjoy the sunsets with a beer in our hand. Mood: way too excited 🤟🏼 . 📸: @annaveraphoto . #sponsoredcontent #asahi #asahisuperdry #funtimes #10thanniversary #carnival #hellowoodsummerschool #buildersociety #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool

2 weeks ago

Festival season is 🔛 . Guess that means you can spot our smart waves around your favourite festivals: VOLT at Sopron, and Sziget in the heart of Budapest ❤️ If you spot these funky waves, go ahead, take a photo and tag #hellowood and #smartwaves 🤘🏼 . P.S.: don’t spend all your time trying to make the best pic, remember you came for the festival to party 🍾 . #hellowood #smartwaves #festival #volt #sziget #installation #woodeninstallation #woodendesign #buildersociety #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community

2 weeks ago

#tbt Tiger 2012 . In 2012, for our 3rd summer school & festival, @gabormszoke led a team of 5 to build this amazing sculpture. The year’s topic was ‘Heros’ and this installation really was a kind of hero to Szakácsi, where the students’ team built it. Since then they started a festival and even a band came together under the name ‘Tiger’ 🐯 . To quote from Szőke Gábor Miklós, the artist and team leader behind the project: “The Guardian Tiger was created for one of the poorest villages in Hungary at an art camp. The 13-meter-long feline was born out of the involvement of local disadvantaged youth and it became their totem and pride immediately. A local Tiger Band and later a mini festival was organized in honor of the sculpture. The innovative social project received big media attention and the village got funds from the government to improve their standard of living. When the village gathered to thank their Guardian Tiger, that was one of the most touching moments for me.” . We are less than 3 weeks away from Carnival, this year’s international summer school & festival and still got a bunch of surprises for the students who come 🤟🏼 . 📸: @iambarniedotcom . #10thanniversary #carnival #hellowoodsummerschool #buildersociety #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool

3 weeks ago

Last Saturday, we had the closing event for our installation, Interactivator 🤟🏼 . You could visit Interactivator from April until June, as part of @mucsarnok ’s National Salon for Architecture exhibition. With Interactivator, we invited the audience to express their opinion about Hungarian architecture through cutting laths and writing down their thoughts about various topics on these laths. . During this weekend’s event we created 3 public benches with the help of visitors of ‘Nights of Museums’. We asked them to cut, drill and paint the above mentioned laths to make them ready for assemble. Though the weather didn’t favor us, started raining around 11PM but we finished the live workshop inside. Swipe through the photos! . We’d like to thank @mucsarnok for giving us the opportunity, and also @remmersmagyarorszag and @makita_magyarorszag for sponsoring us ✌🏼And also huge shoutout to @veghgyula who took great part in planning and making this amazing project! Szeretünk Gyula❤️ . 📸: @zsuzsa.darab . #installation #woodeninstallation #woodendesign #buildersociety #hellowood #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #communitybuilding

3 weeks ago

#tbt Big O - 2013 . Step Closer! - that was our motto for our 4th international summer school & festival . A lot of amazing projects were born during that camp, here’s another, called simply “the Big O” 🤟🏼 The project’s team leaders were @enrique_soriano and @peptornabell from CODA Office. . “Big O project aims to build a toroid out of timber planks. Beyond the aesthetic qualities and the space continuity, toroids embed the challenge of building a combination of synclastic and anticlastic double curvature, which in last terms, is a very self-stiffening and efficient shape.” . 📸: @donatkekesi_photography . #10thanniversary #carnival #hellowoodsummerschool #buildersociety #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool

4 weeks ago

CARNIVAL NEWS 🚨 . More than proud to announce our newest media partner for our international summer school: @archdaily 🤟🏼 There’s probably no need to introduce to you this amazing website, let’s just say 13,6 million architects get their inspiration from them each month across 233 countries 😱 . We are looking forward to welcome them at the Carnival and show them what we’ve been cooking for the past 10 years 🙌🏻 . Make sure to check out their IG account @archdaily for mesmerizing pictures of buildings, interiors and much more 📲 . 📸: @tamas_bujnovszky . #archdaily #mediapartner #10thanniversary #carnival #hellowoodsummerschool #buildersociety #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool

1 month ago

#tbt DINO 🦕 . Throwing it back to the very first Hello Wood Festival, which took place in 2010 🔙 This installation came alive with the lead of @gabormszoke , who has designed sculptures all over the world since then, his latest being a giant falcon for this year’s NFL Super Bowl 🦅 . “We can say that the most popular piece of the festival was the 17 meter dinosaur, made by Gábor Mikós Szőke’s group. The peaceful herbivore was made based on a smaller model in only three days, by spontaneously screwing together planks of various sizes. Its head and tail is detachable, therefore we can welcome the dinosaur at the Design Week together with the other installations.” . After our festival the sculpture was relocated to Erzsébet tér, Budapest’s most famous melting pot to display it to a bigger, broader crowd. The photo was taken there. . 📸: András Vikman . #2010 #10thanniversary #carnival #hellowoodsummerschool #buildersociety #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool

1 month ago

NEWS ALERT 🚨 . We are super excited to announce that our international summer school’s official media partner is @dezeen this year🤟🏼 . We’ve been following their work for years, always inspiring us with their content. If you want to be up-to-date in the fields of architecture and design, then you should definitely give a visit to their profile and website for quality stories 📲 . 📸: @fnyrzkny . #carnival #10thanniversary #hellowoodsummerschool #buildersociety #hellowood #hellowoodfestival #beautifulpeople #architecture #socialarchitecture #architecturedesign #community #summerschool