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8 hours ago

Ask me ANYTHING!!! I’m answering YOUR questions in an upcoming podcast episode. All you have to do is click the link in my bio, record your question, and submit! So easy...I even figured out how to do it! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with and to have you be a part of the show 🎙🎬🌟

4 days ago

Women don’t need to be empowered, because we are already so filled with power. We just need to use it. Click the link in my bio to listen to the entire episode with MY MOM 👩‍👧 subscribe, rate, review!! Screenshot you listening and put it in your story and I’ll repost here!

1 week ago

Some #MondayMotivation for you: go to the gym and get your sweat on OR don’t. Spoiler alert ⚠️ it’s ok to not workout and it’s ok to not go to the gym, it doesn’t make your Monday any less motivating. Plus, what is stronger and takes more mental fitness than actually listening to your body? This morning, my body wanted to take it easy, so I left the gym and am going to take Tucker on a long walk instead. Feeling mentally stronger and fitter than ever💪

1 week ago

HAPPY FRIDAY! Friday’s are a perfect reminder to reflect on alllll that you’ve accomplished this week. Sometimes we get down on ourselves and feel like we’re not doing enough or going anywhere in our lives...but if you take a moment to think about your week, you’ll realize how much progress you’re actually making!! Every little baby step you take, even if it seems insignificant, is on your path to greatness ⚡️

1 week ago

Throughout history, when chaos ensued, people looked to the heavens for guidance...how is looking to the stars any different? Click the link in my bio for the whole episode about astrology and why millennial women are flocking to their horoscopes!!

1 week ago

Why do we love these infographics about our zodiac signs so much?! Better listen to YOUR sign’s favorite podcast to find out! Link in my bio 💞

1 week ago

Why are smart, successful, millennial women OBSESSED with horoscopes?! 💫 Click the link in my bio to listen to today’s episode of Too Much To Handle and find out! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, rate, and review the show...don’t be a stubborn Taurus, just do it 🌟

1 week ago

Trust and consent is hot AF. Have you listened to last week’s episode about sex and feminism?! The link is in my bio!!

2 weeks ago

After two LONG weeks away with @offleashsocal , my diva dog is back home!! I missed him terribly but I do not miss the leash pulling, jumping, and him eating my food off the table (every.single.day.). He’s still my monster dog, just a little less monster-y, thanks to Christine! Now back to me spoiling this perfect creature.....

2 weeks ago

⚠️NEW EPISODE ALERT⚠️ Is sexual submission oppressive?! Can you want a man to dominate you in bed and still be a feminist? Can a man want a woman to be submissive and still be an ally? Don’t miss this episode w/ @sexwithemily LINK IN BIO subscribe, rate, and review!

2 weeks ago

A brand new episode of Too Much To Handle drops on Wed-nes-day... we’re talking domination and submission in the bedroom 🙀 are you subscribed yet?!? You won’t want to miss this one...(link in my bio!!)

3 weeks ago

My driving soundtrack is a combo of me belting out musical soundtracks and podcasts! Speaking of, have you heard this week’s episode of Too Much To Handle?!? It’s all about body shaming and body positivity, check it out in the link in my bio!!!