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1 day ago

TFW you look at your pics from the club last night that you thought were 🔥 but...

2 days ago

I think they made a spelling mistake on my sports bra, but I guess I’ll work with it...

1 week ago

Cheers to the best daddy in the world 🍻 who I will also be screenshotting and sending this to because he doesn’t have Instagram and I do have some semblance of a life beyond social media.......

1 week ago

📢 I wanted to give you all a little life update! After nearly 4 amazing years, I am moving on from ThinkTank and The Young Turks. I can’t tell you all how much I have appreciated your support (and you putting up with my face on your screens) for all of this time. I have some REALLY big and exciting things coming and can’t wait to share it all with you soon!! Love and gratitude, H ❤️❤️

1 week ago

Workplace culture is very imPAWtant.

2 weeks ago

The blue wave is a-coming 🌊 happy primary day! Well hopefully it’s happy...

3 weeks ago

Pooch shot.

3 weeks ago

I used to stress about my weight all of the time. All. Of. The. Time. The scale ran my life. And then one day I just decided that instead of worrying about losing weight, I should worry about losing the weight on my shoulders about my weight. This mindset shift changed my life. Fitness became a passion, instead of an obligation. Now instead of dropping lbs, I’m picking up lbs..and the guys at @upfitnesslosangeles made me pick them up so many times today, I was shaking trying to take this selfie #rude

3 weeks ago

A live shot of me and @gettuckedup in a conference room meeting. He’s a professional. Me, not so much...

3 weeks ago

THEM: you’ll never get a man with that feminist sh*t ME: ...

3 weeks ago

Strong women empower other women......and they have the best parties ⚡️

3 weeks ago

I hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day and spending this holiday with your loved ones, just like me.