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2 days ago

My amazing dad, who I wrote a long card for rather than an Instagram post that he’d never be able to find. And baby Tuck, who will have to satisfy my parents’ nonstop requests for grandchildren for the time being.

1 week ago

On Friday night, I went to a dinner party and 10 min in, I was in a ball on the bathroom floor writhing in pain. I am no baby about pain…in fact, all this week I had a fever and never took meds or a day off from the gym or a minute off from work, even with a crazy travel schedule and some very long nights. Anyone else like this?! . But this was something different. This was the worst pain I’ve ever been in. I texted my boyfriend (from the bathroom floor) and told him I had to leave. We endured the awkwardness of excusing ourselves before the waiter even asked us for our drink order and headed straight to the ER (another thing I’d normally never do). The whole car ride, I was questioning myself: am I really in that much pain? Is this overkill? What if it’s just some bloating? I felt so guilty and unsure of myself and what I was dealing with. . Turns out, there’s some crazy stomach bug going around that my doc said he’s seeing 5-6 cases PER SHIFT of people with the same unbearable pain. And when he said that, I took a sigh of relief. I felt like, if other people were complaining about this same pain that caused me to double over at a party, then my pain was real. . For some reason, I needed confirmation to validate my feelings TO MYSELF. How messed up is that?? I couldn’t even trust my own experience. . Yesterday, I laid on the couch, took a bath, cuddled my pup, let B do the chores around the house, and answered 0 emails (ok, that’s a lie, I answered like 2 or 3, but still). It felt super uncomfortable to just listen to my body and what I needed, but it’s something I want to practice and get better at. I’m always telling my body to do sh*t, but need to remember, it’s a two way street.

2 weeks ago

OK STORY TIME, warning this may be 2personal2handle & v long: butttt with work stress, biz travel, hectic schedules, and some major emotional eating (if I’m being reeeaaal honest), I’ve gained some weight. Honestly, like 7 lbs in a month, which is a lot for someone with my frame (I’m a shorty—5’3”). I don’t usually get upset at a number on the scale….actually, I don’t usually weigh myself! But my clothes were huggin’ my butt just a lil too tight for comfort (literally, it hurt to sit down), so I was curious. Once I saw the number, I low key freaked out…which is so NOT ME and against everything I preach. I started wearing sweat pants all day and big baggy shirts to the gym and haven’t wanted to go to the beach or pool AT ALL. I bought this cute matching outfit last week because I love seeing other girls flaunt their sh*t at the gym with sexy workout sets and told myself, “once I’m back to my normal weight, I can wear this.” Then today, I woke up and was like WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU???? I’m gonna let 7 frickin’ pounds dictate how I live my life?!?! What kind of BS is that?! So you know what I did, I put my sexy workout set on and flaunted my sh*t at the gym. I felt hot af and it looks like someone else agrees (or just wants a treat…but whatever). Who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow or the next day, but I wanted to share so that you remind yourself that your life is too frickin’ fantastic to let any number on the scale or a few pounds stop you from living your best motherfrickin’ life.

3 weeks ago

I took this photo with the intention of posting it with some cute MDW caption, about my dog and drink and beach happiness. But TBH, I sat at the beach stressed out, firing off work emails, and answering calls. I sat there feeling a little insecure about my body (any other stress eaters out there??) and the fact that I’m a little overdue for a wax. And that cup? Yeah, there’s no fancy cocktail or cool-girl-corona in there, it’s kombucha because my tummy’s been acting up #Hot Social media is bullsh*t sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a bullsh*tter. Keep it real, even if it’s not real exciting.

4 weeks ago

Heard Lena Headey (aka Cersei) made $1 million per episode this season, drinking wine while staring out of a window. In light of that, please consider this as my audition for the next GOT spin-off. I’m very versatile and can drink wine in many different scenarios and locations. Have your people contact my people, HBO. In all seriousness, last week was city-burning-down-in-flames sh*tty for women, so don’t forget to take care of yourself, talk about your emotions, and oh yeah, donate to @plannedparenthood and @yellowfund.

4 weeks ago

My boyfriend asked me what I wanted to do today...and so here we are...Real talk tho: I have SUCH a hard time slowing down. I’m always working and when I’m not, I’m working on my podcast or the apartment or taking care of the dog or cooking meals or cleaning or trying to maintain some semblance of a social life. I love always being on-the-go and feeling like I’m productive. But today, the only thing I wanna do is lay around, spend all my monies online shopping, and watch a movie about a First Daughter falling in love with a secret service agent (there are so many to choose from!!) ya feel me?

1 month ago

I am sooo over the whole “what if it was your girlfriend, your sister, your mom” bullsh*t 🤮 Why do you have to know someone to recognize their equal rights?? . Get yourself a man who not only respects you, but respects ALL women. Better yet, get you a man who is willing to stand up for our HUMAN rights, not because you’re his girlfriend, his sister, or his mom, but because you deserve them. . Know your worth mama, and don’t settle for anything less 💁‍♀️ PS Alabama’s medieval abortion bill can suck it. Donate to @plannedparenthood 👊

1 month ago

Do you want to know the secret to getting the body of your dreams? It’s not tracking your macros. It’s not doing two-a-days at the gym. It’s not a “fit” tea. And it’s definitely not a waist trainer. Loving your body starts in your head. When you’re confident and loving the skin you’re in from the inside, it shows on the outside. Carrying all that body-hate and negativity around in your mind SHOWS on your body. You are what you think. So might as well think frickin’ hot ass, banging body, sexy mama thoughts. #bodypositivity #bodypositive #workouttips #abs #workout #health #healthy #mindset #manifestation #selflove #selfconfidence #confidence #bodylove #positivity #fitness #mondaymotivation

1 month ago

Major Friday mood. You may not know this, but I am a total introvert. After a week of dealing with work and people and stress, I just want to collapse. I almost never leave the house on Friday nights and usually stuff my face with ice cream in my grossest sweats while watching Real Housewives. I like to call it…self-care… Literally counting down the hours till I’m ordering @postmates while permanently manspreading on my couch with this sexy boy. Anyone else’s Friday night plans look like this??

1 month ago

Last night, B and I had our first date night since January 😱 Between traveling, my new job, the move, and our crazy work schedules, we haven’t had the time or energy to go out! Frankly, I didn’t have either last night BUT I curled my hair, put on mascara, and changed out of my sweats (the hardest part) anyway 💃 I was falling asleep on the way home at 9:30 😴 but I realized quality time out on the town is just as needed as it is on the couch 🛋❤️

1 month ago

“Don’t be too nice, but don’t be a bitch” “Cover up but don’t dress like a man” “Wear makeup, but not too much” “Speak more directly, but not too assertively” Women are ALWAY walking a tightrope in the workplace—trying not to be “too feminine” for fear that it will undermine their professionalism, or “too masculine” for fear that it will make them unlikeable. ⚖️ This balancing act is tiring and is BS. I’m a lady in the streets and a lady in the conference room 💁‍♀️ I’ve always been ultra-feminine and I see it as a strength! Do you. Be you. And while you’re at it, listen to today’s podcast episode (Link in bio) all about expressing your femininity in the workplace w/ @BrainsOverBlonde.

2 months ago

On the job at Eric’s kick-off rally | I woke up at 3:45AM, flew to NorCal, got in a 20 min workout, and have been running around since! Nothing like a bold vision for America to keep you energized!!