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2 days ago

Today I’m going to watch the amazing @raemorrismakeup masterclass. So excited! Go to @raemorrismakeup to check out this incredible class. So excited. It’s available for one years viewing!

2 days ago

Stocking up on @boscia woohoo!!!!!!

4 days ago

So I got this new device and thought it would be good to review. Its pricey but the results are meant to be amazing! 4 features on beauty mode. Every mode is radio frequency! RF - ION+ - can be used with cotton pad for cleansing or without cotton pad.  RF - ENI - (to penetrate any substance deeper into the skin) can be used with anything the customer wants. Serum, cream etc etc RF - EMS -(always move the machine never hold it in 1 place as can burn the skin)  used only with the pink water based serum.  Electric muscle stimulation - awakens skin cells, facilitates better ‘cell to cell’ communication as with time this diminishes and thus causes ageing.  Stimulates collagen and Tones muscle in the face. Over time basically it’s a face workout for toning and tightening just like when we go to the gym for our biceps. I’m just starting so I’ll do a video tutorial sharing my experiences. I got this device from the skincare (super handsome dude) @fabio_masella13 who is a skincare and anti-aging god. Let’s see how I go! #NOTSPONSORED

6 days ago

Anyone tried the new @hudabeauty lipsticks! The design. The quality. Everything is amazing. Wow.

1 week ago

I love love love @drunkelephant the littles! They make my day! Is it wrong I prefer using these than the regular ones! Just love them!

1 week ago

Possibly the most beautiful @armanibeauty lip collection I’ve seen. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you so much @armanibeauty thank you xxxxx

1 week ago

When you get to do an entire look using nothing but @sianrichlondon 4K palettes and it requires no powdering. #thisstuffstaysput ps the palette you see on the far right is called melanin it offers the deepest colours I’ve ever seen for women of colour. It’s outstandingly amazing :)