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@goingeast_studio See full size profile   GOING EAST studio founded by Anais Nora J Torfs & Michiel Mertens. Total interior/architectural projects. ⚡️

2 months ago

Happy Birthday little sweetheart Raphaëlle! 💞On her birthcard we’put “live wild, little lovechild”. Little did we know that she would grow out to be this tiny adventurous lady. Always flowing, always going. Always curious. Always in the mood for a party, even with more than 60 people on her first b-day ever. Keep on doing that little Rapha, may you flow forever. And follow your path everyday, just like you do now. Always be the drummer of your own beat! LOVE 💞🌞🌴🌛 #Raphaëlle1 #littlelovechild #caféraphaforever #lovetothemax #thankyoufriendsandfamily

7 months ago

And where we would be without our constructors. With every project we understand each other more and more, and you can feel and see it. Thankful for the people that go that extra mile, every single time. A big thanks to every one of them but in particular to powerhouses IBS Pieter and Stijn. Marc, Eric and Kristof! Pieter! Gino! Derk! Nico, Chris and Miche, and so many more. What a deadline, but we made it thanks to you 💛 #goingeastprojects #fosburyandsons #fosburyandsonsboitsfort #design #architecture #bxl

7 months ago

A while ago I saw a quote @gertdemangeleer instagram. “How bigger the dream, how better the team. “That’s the least that you can say about @fosburyandsons. Thank you for trusting us again to design your big dream Maarten, Serge, Stijn 💛it’s a pleasure to work with such warm people with a clear vision! And a big thanks to the whole Fosbury Team and Life team. Talking about motivated people! @coffeelabs_antwerp and @liesvonyellow are the keystones, amen for those girlsbosses🚀👏. There’s energy in the air when we come together as teams, so thankful for that. In the end that’s what’s it all about. LOVE and keep on going, east #goingeastprojects #design #architecture #fosburyandsons #boitsfort #fosburyandsonsbxl #coffeelabs #midori #vonyellow pictures by @jeroenverrecht

1 year ago

*Thank you 2017* Just nine pictures for what has been a crazy year! This year we had the luck to travel a lot for projects abroad. From Romania to Cabo Verde, Amsterdam, Morocco and Switzerland Closer to home we did only projects close to our hearts and with the right “going east” spirit. Our warm team expanded, we moved our office and home to our own little school, our clients more beloved and trusted, friendships became stronger, family and framily only more important with weddings and births. We can only be so grateful for this. 💛🙏Looking forward to the next one, and to continue this wonderful journey with you. Thanks and only good vibes, peace and love in the next one! 💫💫💫 #thankyou2017 #loveforour #clients #team #family #framily #littleschoolinthemiddleofthestreet #keepongoingeast #goingeastprojects #moretocomemoretodream #lovewhatyoudo #especiallyin2018 #excitingtimesahead #bigthanks #biglove 💕