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3 weeks ago

Here is one child in Nairobi, Kenya who now has access to #CleanWater 💦thanks to @weliftup and generous Donors. When kids no longer have to worry about finding clean water, they have more ⏱ to focus on their #Education and creating a brighter future.

4 weeks ago

Sports and great mentors can truly change lives 🤼‍♂️ check out how @ajtkd has improved the lives of nearly 6,000 children and adolescents in #riodejaneiro #brazil

4 weeks ago

Amazing work by @medshareofficial . They have just delivered 186 mobility carts to The Ahomka Foundation in Ghana. Ghana’s Second Lady, Hajia Samira Bawumia, was there to help distribute the carts to patients in need. Learn more on

1 month ago

Today is #worldwaterday 🌍💦 every donation made on @weliftup will be matched. Help build 2 water wells, providing clean water for 2,000 people in #india Every $5 donated today, will give 4 people access to clean water.

1 month ago

Here are 2 happy kids, impacted by the hard work of @weliftup and generous donors. Want to have an impact? Check out the latest projects: #kindnessmatters

1 month ago

Amazing work by @medshareofficial. In #romania and many more countries. In 20 years, has diverted over 3.8 million cubic feet of reusable medical products from local landfils.

1 month ago

@shaorourke and the team at @weliftup has made it possible for everyone to make an impact. 100% of your donations will go towards a tangible project. See how your help is needed #kindnessmatters

1 month ago

Fellow Nonprofit founders and Social Entrepreneurs. Here’s what makes it worthwhile to follow your dreams and to achieve your goals 💪🏼. Well done @shaorourke ! Create the world you want to live in with @weliftup 🌏

1 month ago

In medically underserved countries, giving birth safely is not a goven. Here’s how @medshareofficial is helping mothers and how you can help.

1 month ago

Amazing first year for @weliftup. See how this #Nonprofit got started, their biggest challenges and happiest moment.

1 month ago

Just another example of the importance of Women’s Participation. In ALL lines of work.

1 month ago

What a great way to support women. @medshareofficial has sent 100,000 Clean Birthing Kits to communities in need around the world. Here’s one of those kits being given to a new mother in Nepal. Cira Crowell captured this moment perfectly as Angel Murdock, one of Nomads Clinic’s midwives gave a MedShare Clean Birthing Kit.