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@gallerythreshold   Gallery for contemporary art and a space for discourse. Estd in 1997

1 week ago

Meher Afroz Vahid @gallerythreshold Ghar se dur ghar .The well which usually serves as a metaphor for one's origin, cannot contain the complexed experiences that became part of the artist’s new ‘self’ The circular text floating in turbulent waters, in the cement-well paradoxically indicates that home can now only be that which is far from itself . Curated by #achiaanzi On view till 27 th March ‘19 #homeawayfromhome #contemporaryart #calligraphy #indiaartfair2019 #curators #artexhibition #artinstallation #fiberart

3 weeks ago

Anindita Bhattacharya @gallerythreshold. City By the Mournful Sea Gouache and Natural dyes on paper 96x60 in According to a popular Japanese myth, the cause of earthquakes is the giant fish Namazu, often depicted as a giant catfish in woodcuts called Namazu-e. Only the god Kashima can immobilize Namazu and with the help of a heavy capstone, he will push the fish against the foundations of the earth. However the god sometimes got tired or is distracted from his duty, Namazu will use these moments to wiggle his tail, causing an earthquake in the human world. #Mythology #painting #goldpaint #hashiya #Japanesemyth #Hamzanama #miniaturepainting #revisitingbeauty

1 month ago

Beauty is not a word that one readily associates with contemporary art yet it is likely to crop up at the first glance at Anindita Bhattacharya’s works. Anindita has always been interested in using a template that recalls a language forged in the imperial Mughal courts of Delhi, Agra and Lahore. At Threshold Art Gallery C 221 Sarvodaya Enclave New Delhi 17. Catch the last days of the show! #Miniature , #beauty #re -visitingbeauty #Museums # Collectors #artistsoninstagram #contemporaryart #wasli

1 month ago

Shaurya Kumar is particularly interested in the aspect of human intervention -the mark that a person leaves that changes history .Each gold leaf symbolizes a mark as if left by a pilgrim on a religious site as an act of reverence or devotion at B10 #indiaartfair #gold #artistsoninstagram #collectors #museums