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6 days ago

There is porous secrecy to Akshay Raj Singh Rathore’s compositions. A first glance is met with a hint of familiarity. They are recognisable, despite your immediate reception of them as forms of abstraction that prefer not to commit themselves to any specific signification. (Taken from Rosalyn D’mello’s essay on Akshay’s work) @akshayrajsingholinja for his solo show, un - practiced frugality on view at @galleryespace #galleryespace #onview #akshayrajsinghrathore #artist #indianartist #contemporaryart #contemporaryartist #paperwork #art #unpracticedfrugality

1 week ago

What to do with all that junk? Artist @arunkumarhg knows best when you can’t waste! Built here is a “toxic chamber” - which is anything but toxic. The installation is open for public viewing. A cave like structure made of automobile parts, discarded plastic chairs, containers and PET bottles. The artist’s work talks about how one sip of water can make permanent trash. Over years while we discard bit by bit, we do not realise the enormous waste we generate overall. #arunkumarhg #discardedmaterial #art #artinstallation #recycledmaterial #gurgaonart

1 week ago

On view at the Met Breuer - “Home Is a Foreign Place” A highlight recent acquisitions of modern and contemporary art from Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa, and South and Southeast Asia, alongside works by iconic modern American artists from The Met collection. Taking its title from Zarina's 1999 suite of thirty-six woodcuts, this exhibition will feature art that explores the meanings of "home" and "place" in our increasingly interwoven globe, whether by necessity or choice. Check out the link in our Bio #met #metbreuer #contemporaryart #artist #museum #metmuseum

1 week ago

Coming from a farming background I have managed to criss-cross a large tract of dry land where water is dear and life revolves around this precious commodity. This precarious position has created a culture of extreme frugality. Yet a long term practice of enjoying nature in its pure form has creamed this thought with ideas of sustenance. It’s the idea where life revolves around the concept of spiritual conquest which is reproduced in the current body of works. The present project has arrived from its predecessor which was a two year intense study of plant pigments especially the leaves which are the main energy source. It is through the process of photosynthesis that our basic food is prepared, thus I have learnt the secrets of our own nature. -Akshay Raj Singh Rathore Solo show - un-practiced frugality at Gallery Espace @akshayrajsingholinja #akshayrajsinghrathore #artist #newdelhi #soloshow #paperworks #artindelhi #culture #indianartist #paris #museums #gallery #artgallery #collector #contemporaryart #contemporaryartist #exhibition #artexhibition #unpracticedfrugality #art2019

2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

The artist, Akshay Raj Singh Rathore’s work of Shalabhanjika - the sculpture of a woman displaying stylised feminine features, standing near a tree and grasping a branch. The yakshi figure resides in a temple in MP. The minimalistic style artwork is of an outline taken of the figure. The name of the figure comes from the Sanskrit word, Salabhanjika meaning ‘breaking a branch of a sala tree’. @akshayrajsinghrathore #akshayrajsinghrathore #artist #indianartist #artindelhi #gallery #museums #indianartist #minimalisticart #minimalart #galleryespace #unpracticedfrugality on at #galleryespace