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@gabfoods  For Orders & Deliveries: WhatsApp: ‭05309742663‬ ❌Gluten ❌Dairy ❌Refined-Sugar Paleo&Vegan Friendly

1 day ago

Impossible Cake! Gluten, dairy, grain and refined sugar-free!!! Order 2 days in advantage your custom cake by WhatsApping: ‭+90 (530) 974 26 63‬ wishing everything a happy and healthy week ahead! See you on Tuesday!

3 days ago

Currently my favorite breakfast or snack! SEXY JARS for this weekend (Vegan &Paleo): Chocolinis: chocolate, paleo, vegan pie crust and peanut crumble Pumpkin pie: vegan pie crust, peanut caramel, pumpkin Paleo custard, paleo chocolate hard top topped with Paleo granola Banoffee: vegan pie crust, peanut caramel, banana mousse, chocare hard too topped with peanut crumble Order them now by WhatsApping +90 530 974 26 63

4 days ago

Gabfoods cupcakes made to order for special occasions! For orders please DM or email gabriela 💕

5 days ago

Lunch in Gabfoods! Miso Salmon Bowl and organic meat tacos!

5 days ago

Don’t forget you can always order our full Gluten-free paleo Bread Loaves! We have a brioche bread, a paleo Low carb bread, perfect for all of you doing a Keto diet! Banana bread, pumpkin bread! Upon request make it vegan!!!! The vegan brioche bread is BOMB! for order Whatsapp out number is the BIO or email gabriela

6 days ago

Sexy Jars are back on tomorrow starting at 11 am! Reserve yours by WhatsApping our number in the BIo- Two flavors available: banana, peanut & chocolate and Chocolate and Helva! Have you tried it? Give us your feedback!

1 week ago

Morning People! Enjoy this wonderful Fluffy Mocca this weekend, Mocca made with Raw cacao, Coconut milk and an Expresso shot, topped with our homemade Paleo Marshmallows, full of collagen and natural antibiotics. Yes you hear me right! These marshmallow are super healthy and organic!

1 week ago

Big A$$ Gluten-free NY style cookies topped with Paleo Chocolate available today!

1 week ago

Gluten-free Porridge with seasonal poached fruit topped with homemade coulis, nuts, seeds and micro greens.

1 week ago

New for take away! Delicious and nutritious Jars! This is today’s Balance Jar. Our balance jar are overnight gluten-free oats, we will change the flavor from time to time. Tomorrow we will have Baklava Flavor!

1 week ago

Our Granolas are fully Stocked. Gluten-free and Paleo available. For orders WhatsApp ‭+90 (530) 974 26 63‬ or email gabriela ! Also available in the restaurant!

1 month ago

If you missed them come and get them cause they are back! After some technical difficulties our waffles are back!!! And stronger than ever! Come and get your waffle fix!

1 month ago

Organic Meat Paleo Tacos baby! Yum yum yum ! Available for take out and delivery too!

1 month ago

Paleo organic jams are available now! Blueberry, plum, grapefruit, and just with lakanto sugar! Limited! You can order via Whatsapp: +90 (530) 974 26 63 Stay tuned for more kinds!

2 months ago

The Impossible Cake- this one is filled with berries and topped with Paleo Caramel! Order your Gluten-free, diary-free, refined sugar free cake by DM or emailing gabriela

2 months ago

It’s Bagel o’clock! Freshly Baked Paleo, Gluten-free bagels with Vegan Cream cheese and house smoked salmon! And if I was you..... I’d add an egg and half of an avocado from our sides menu.... Just sayin’

2 months ago

Saturday’s are for Brunch! Here is Gab’s Shakshuka with the Paleo Bread basket- see you!

2 months ago

Yummy Paleo Guilt-free Cupcakes everyday with coconut butter icing- perfect snack!