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1 week ago

Cos hard earned real bootys are better.. 💪 I can not wait to cut now l! Always grinding. Have agreat Sunday IG 💕 Online Coaching EM: Leggings @celestialbodiez Midnight Blue 🔥

1 week ago

Shape 🙌 Been MIA but Im still hereee 😊 2 week reverse completed, and also 4 weeks of no cardio, x 2 upper body x 4 glutes/hams split and x 3 Yoga. Bringing cardio back in monday x 5 a week x 3 dance and x 2 sprinting. Looking forward to chipping away now and holding on to these glutes as much as can 😬 Happy to be on board with @lions_nutrition tailoring all my meals 😍 Time to bring my summer shredz back but better 😈💪 5ft 6. 65kg Hope you all have a amazing weekend, stay focused x Online Coaching:

3 weeks ago

📸 @sukeyselva

4 weeks ago

You can join me when your in allignment with me 😜 Rig: @fitarmyofficial 😻💪🏼 Save using Code: fiona 💕 Have an amazing weekend everyone, sending you all lots of love 💫

1 month ago

Where ever you go, go with all your heart💫 📸 @sukeyselvaz

1 month ago

Happy Monday! What a glorious day it is again for us in uk..☀☀Excited as my new drone has arrived from @seveniscompletionshop wanted one for a while and to take on my travels! I wanted this one because of all its features and its so small fits in palm of my hand😊 so im going to go test this out on the beach today! Has anyone else got a drone? Comment below let me know 😄 Ive got a 30 percent discount code here for you for @seveniscompletionshop for my drone the discount link is in my story to take you directly 👌 Link: for 30% off and also i have this extra link for 10% off all other products Have an amazing day everyone !New week new goals 💪🏼❤

1 month ago

Whatevers good for your soul do that 💙 Have an amazing day 💙

1 month ago

SHAPE 🙋💪🏼 What do you guys now fuller ? or when im shredz ? I prefer now howeverrrr i do miss the shredzzz and they will be comming back soon the conditioning will be back 😜 Online Coaching EM

1 month ago

Bend dont break 💕 Have Courage, We can not truely grow and progress without struggle. If everything was handed on a plate and given to us, where would we get our hunger from that gives us our drive , use your struggles as your motivation 👊 everyone has a story a story which we feel prevents us from being where we could be right now doing what we want to be, but we cant use the story as a reason why, or we will always remain in the same place, its not what happens that determines your future its what you do with what happens that determines your future 👊Never compare your journey to anothers, Your story is what gives you the motivation, drive , passion, courage and ambition to get out there and truely GROW, PROGRESS and CHANGE your STORY ❤ Have an amazing weekend every one ❤ sending you all lots of love and positive vibes ✌🤗 Kitted out in @fitarmyofficial 💪🏼😻 Online Coaching EM

1 month ago

Happy Fridayyy 🍑 📸 @ohrangutang

1 month ago

Had to get a shot here 💪🏼 📸 @sukeyselva #happyhumpday

2 months ago

Happy Friday Loves 🌈 Keep pushing and stay focused, the hard work will all pay off 💜 Samsung 📸 Coaching: EM: