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6 days ago

What is that you say? That’s talong again lol. This time it is being peeled and prepped for a popular, healthy, sweet and/or sour dish. Get behind the scenes updates on my @filipinofoodart project and more at my Patreon. Linkin’ bio!

1 week ago

New art at @filipinofoodart … ain’t nothing wrong with talong (aka eggplant). In fact one study I read posits that because the Philippines has the most uses for talong roots than China and India (where talong likely first originated), talong goes waayyy back in the Philippines and nearby countries. Even the name talong is similar in many Filipino languages. Learn more, follow me @filipinofoodart.

1 week ago

This I actually finished. Which is surprising because I get more books than I can actually read. Rocel got this for me soon after I discovered it a few months ago. I was halfway through when the author died, and eerily enough I read his chapter on Food and Mortality soon after his death. He wrote, “…When the space between life and death held infinite meaning… After all, food, above anything else, is that which gives life.”

2 weeks ago

I am literally just 3 pages into this, having waited two weeks for Fully Booked to text me upon its availability. I meet 10-year-old Jay (close enough to my nickname “Aljay”), as he returns to the US from a vacation back in the motherland. On the 3rd page he says, “….The vacation ended… My tan faded. I stepped out of tsinelas and back into my suburban life as if I never left.“ “For the hyphenated”, Ribay dedicates the book.

2 weeks ago

A third of the way through this one and I’ve already followed Tita Paz from selling “fruit and beans by the side of the road” in Pangasinan to Ate Hero’s first Pinakpet in California. It’s crazy, and privileged, to be familiar to both the Philippines and the America the two women live in. Yet I feel I do not have a deep grasp of both.

2 months ago

Nothing is more true, than a basket of banana cue.

2 months ago

It’s easy to make banana cue. Throw saba bananas and brown sugar in hot oil. They will then merge to form the hottest thing since Beverly Hills 90210. Follow more at @filipinofoodart.

2 months ago

Next time you open your saba banana, make it look like it has wings, and then bring it close to your cousin while you make bird noises. I’ve gone bananas at @filipinofoodart.

2 months ago

Regarded as one of the cleanest waterfalls in the province of Aurora, Bulawan Falls is part of an ecosystem called a watershed; and it feeds water to communities in the province. Waterfalls were also a subject of discussion by the world-renowned group TLC. #chiliforever #batang90s

2 months ago

Show some love for the “rainbow” Blanket Octopus, spotted off the coast of Romblon! Learn more at @philippinewildlifeart

2 months ago

For the longest time I've only known roses, lilies, and sunflowers. But there are flowers high on the mountain tops of the Philippines that are not only more beautiful, but are far more rare. Meet Dendrobium chrysographatum, a beautiful plant that can be found 500 meters to 2,000 meters high in the Sierra Madre mountain range in Luzon. Sources, art, & more trivia at @philippinewildlifeart.

2 months ago

A photo of my mom and dad’s wedding, forever emblazoned in the 2nd edition of the CCP Philippine Encyclopedia of Art. You can find it in Volume 1 under the section for “Boholano”. #baclayonchurch

2 months ago

My mom hopping into a 1970’s 4-door Mark 3 Ford Cortina, 39 years ago today.

2 months ago

June 1 is my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary. They got married in a 250-year-old coral stone church!

2 months ago

Translation: "Because I have a visitor," with word play on the Filipino words for visitor, and long bean lol. Tough to translate jokes, but this will do. More to come at @filipinofoodart.

2 months ago

It turns out toyo or soy sauce was brought to the Philippines by Hokkien merchants from Fujian province sometime around the Song dynasty (960 to 1279). Get more art and food trivia sauce for your adobo at @filipinofoodart ! #toyo #soysauce

3 months ago

Back in karinderias in Bohol I'd order batong, either in adobo or a simple stir fry. In Manila I get sitaw, mostly in adobo. Either way, these long beans of crisp deliciousness are full of vitamin A and folate, which I know because I did research on it lol. Read more about it, or peep more food at my new art page: @filipinofoodart. #baybayin