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@filipeanut   Curious. And I make art, food, and rap. PH/US.

1 day ago

Capiz is used for sliding windows like this in old homes all over the country. Named after the town where its manufacture is said to have originated, Capiz are actually thin shells of a mollusk, Placuna placenta. #PHatterns #biodiversityPH

3 days ago

Tiles on the 2nd floor dining area of Camiña Balay nga Bato ancestral house in Iloilo, where they serve visitors sikwate (or tsokolate, in Tagalog). #PHatterns

1 week ago

Taho = silken tofu, sago pearls, and sugar syrup. A Baguio variety has strawberries in strawberry syrup. Also, no need for a spoon or straw for this, this definitely can be slurped. #foodinacup

1 week ago

Nilagang mais na may cheese powder at margarine (boiled corn with cheese powder and margarine). If only there was a way to produce banana leaf cups instead. #foodinacup

2 weeks ago

Who doesn't love puns? And chocolate?

3 weeks ago

What makes a better Valentine’s day gift? Lol.

3 weeks ago

Great way to start the week :(.

1 month ago

It’s mama’s birthday. If she was alive, I’d either be calling my cousin to ask how she was, if I was busy; or I’d be at mama’s house prepping a coconut calabasa meal for the family. I’m just thankful now that she can finally walk, wherever she is today.

1 month ago

Drawing a page from the Boxer Codex, a 420+ year-old manuscript including 15 depictions of people in pre-colonial Philippines. Will share more in insta stories as I read, and draw, through the codex. Learn more from my old blog post on the topic:

1 month ago

What’s a good name for this suman? Was thinking Sumantha lol. Whatchu think?

2 months ago

Tikes (pronounced tik-os), a small band made with nito or agsam fern (Lygodium circinnatum). Made by a traditional weaver of the Matigsalug Community in Mindanao. Tattu, one of the community leaders, shared that Matigsalug traditionally wear them on long journeys for protection and safe voyage; today most youth wear them as an accessory. With his permission I’m selling a set of 4 for $3 or P150, with proceeds going to Matigsalug youth, as well as @goharibon for their Forests for Life program. Simply PM to order and support. Shipping worldwide.

2 months ago

Peanut-infused Chocnut VS. Banana-chip-infused Auro Chocolate. Either way I win. #filipinoorigin

4 months ago

Designed this t-shirt for Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc. for Elderly Filipino Week (September 30 to October 7). I was tasked to update last year's design, and to add the call to pass the Universal Social Pension bill. I added an important character into the t-shirt because of her importance in my life: my mom. Read why...