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@farmsforgood  Have you tried Microgreens? Nutrient rich superfood packed full of flavor and beautiful color. South OC Farmers markets/delivery (410)812-0098 Alex

1 month ago

Who’s got two thumbs and delivers Microgreens? 👍🏽 This Guy 👍🏽. Send me a message and I’ll come through with the live organic goodness 🥦🥦

1 month ago

Hello health food lovers. No farmers market tomorrow due to the San Clemente Fiesta Music Festival. But don’t worry, you and your furry friend can have your microgreens delivered this week(and always). That’s right, San Clemente, San Juan, Laguna Beach, and Dana Point residents can get free delivery with a 4 basket ($20) minimum. Text or call Alex directly any time (410)812-0098. I will be around all week to hand deliver your delicious nutritious Microgreens. Flavors available: Broccoli, Radish, Cilantro, Sweet Pea, Sunflower, Red Amaranth, Arugula, Wasabi, Leek, Cauliflower, and Salad Mix. I got ‘em all, they are alive and fresh until the moment you eat ‘em. **Text me now while supplies last - Alex • • • • • • #freshharvest 🥒 #microgreens 🌱 #urbanfarm 🏣 #growlocal 🌎 #sanclemente 🏄🏽 #sustainable 💧 #ecological 🐞 #regenerative 🌞 #organic 🥑 #healthy 💪🏽 #danapoint ⛵️Laguna Beach⛱ • • • 🌱 @FarmsForGood • • • @alexander_oceangrown @seasgreens

1 month ago

Who wants to win this beautiful tray of nutritious and delicious microgreens? Follow my new page @seasgreens and tag two of your friends who also support locally grown healthy organic plant based food. I will randomly select a winner in 24 hours to receive delivery of this free tray of greens as my gift. This tray of greens is 18 pots of nutrient rich superfood including broccoli, sunflower, sweet pea, amaranth, cabbage, leek, basil, kohlrabi and nasturtium. A $54 value!! **Must live in South Orange County or North County San Diego to qualify for the free tray.

1 month ago

Microgreens would be the first two leaves (codyledon stage)

3 months ago

One of the permaculture courses will be hosted on the #sanclemente #homestead where we grow our #microgreens. This education is what inspired us to grow food organically and sustainably for our local community. #Repost @aboutandforsustainability ( @get_repost ) ・・・ What will you do with the knowledge and skills of the whole-system design approach to creating regenerative and sustainable human settlements and institutions modeled by nature? A permaculture design course offers that practical wisdom that can be applied at the individual, community or larger system level. Permaculture is for you if you want personal growth, a future oriented career path or business, if you want to transform your home and garden, or your community spaces, start an urban farm or sustainable business, connect with and expand your network of ethically inspired people committed to care for the earth, care for the people and care for the future. Permaculture education connects us to a healthy, abundant, regenerative and sustainable future. Embrace the possibility of human potential! . #permaculture #regenerative #sustainable #education #ecology #community #food #water #conservation #health #life #love #design #freedom #resiliency #biodiversity #biomimicry

3 months ago

Short interview with our co-founder Alex about how he got into the microgreens and #food growing business. (Full interview on @aboutandforsustainability Instagram). #microgreens #growing and #business operations will be one of the topics explored and #workshop during the #permaculture #design course we are hosting at the #headquarters of our #urbanfarm. DETAILS AND REGISTRATION IN THE BIO OF @aboutandforsustainability #Repost @aboutandforsustainability ( @get_repost ) ・・・ Short interview with @alexander_oceangrown , co-founder and #microgreens #farmer at @farmsforgood , about the impact of a 2016 #permaculture course had on his #career and #life #passions. We are leading a #permaculturedesign #course at the #sanclemente #homestead and two at #local #community colleges. These are the only 3 permaculture courses in #orangecounty in #2018. Details and registration in the Bio link. WE OFFER SCHOLARSHIPS AND OPPORTUNITIES TO SPONSOR THE SAN CLEMENTE COURSE.

3 months ago

Lucian is teaching the only 3 Permaculture courses in Orange County this summer and fall, 2 at the college level, one at his homestead where we grow our microgreens. Details and registration in his Bio. #Repost @aboutandforsustainability ( @get_repost ) ・・・ Excited to announce the launch of the website and the 3 upcoming #permaculture courses I will be leading this year. Registration is open. Link in my bio.

3 months ago

Have you tried our microgreens? You can now find all of our deliciously healthy cultivars at 5 locations throughout OC and SD. Tomorrow you can taste them all - from sweet to spicy at the farmers market in Oceanside. @alexander_oceangrown will be there to serve them up in our signature biodegradable coconut pots - ready to eat!!

3 months ago

#farmsforgood #sunday #brunch at @aboutandforsustainability #permaculture #homestead and #farm. From our farm: #sweetpea #microgreens salad, #brocolli booster and #wild #peruvian #tomatoes. From the local #farmersmarket : #farmfresh #eggs from a #farmer we saw kissing his 10 #chikens every morning, if she catches them on her 1 acre pasture, and never raises them for meat, plus #organic #lagunabeach #goat #cheese from girls that roam 20 acres of hills all day everyday. #localfood is possible!