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9 hours ago

This is the face you make when you have shed the toxic people in your life ! It's never easy to cut people off , I usually wait till they end up burning their bridge which takes way to long sometimes . Never the less it all works out in the end . Be kind and put the energy out into the world that you would like in return. #loveandlight #babies #bye #wasreal #bnotty

6 days ago

My happiness runs deep and very pure. You can lie to the world but you can't lie to yourself, and at the end of the day that's who really matters!

1 week ago

Walk with me in life... I share with you as I learn! Don't let the holidays get you down. Please get out and walk around lets appreciate the fresh air and life we have! We are the only one responsible of our own happiness! #loveandlight #Bnotty #iloveyou

1 week ago

I sure hope you are ready for me NYC.... Cause I'm coming the 11th-14th!!

2 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

Been a busy girl setting up my private snapchat. I have a movie ready to publish Tuesday .... For #tittytuesday link is in my bio.

3 weeks ago

Was nice to meet the Tulsa slammers.... (Soccor team) we were all on the same flight !!!

1 month ago

Here we go Oklahoma time to get crazy!!! I'm so excited !!!

1 month ago

Sometimes things don't work out. Doesnt mean it's the end of the world it just means you need to regroup, collect yourself and get back at it try try try again.