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6 hours ago

Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino.

12 hours ago

In exchange for snow, we’ve been blessed with warm sunshine that has cast a hopeful holiday spell over this bustling city today. ❤️

1 day ago

Lainey’s December paper chain countdown doesn’t end at Christmas. It led to what she’s been looking forward to most this year—being reunited with her best friend who moved away this summer. If you have a friend at 11 years old who holds the mirror to show you your very best self, don’t let her go. Our kind, courageous, encouraging Maggie, how we’ve missed you. ❤️

1 day ago

We are on individual dates this morning, and Nella and I ended up at Santa Land in Macy’s, this magical Christmas hallway leading to red velvet curtains that pull pack to reveal an enchanting private cove with THE REAL SANTA. She was hesitant—we haven’t done this in years, and I didn’t think she’d actually sit with him, but was worth a shot. Because of Santa’s kindness and gentle instincts (he walked away to let us sit alone and then we asked her if he could join us), she said yes to his presence, even letting me slip a few steps away to take a few pictures. And then he pulled a book out and asked if he could read her a story, and I may have fallen apart a bit behind the camera. A precious moment I’ll forever remember, just the two of us. ❤️ (downtown Chicago, the REAL SANTA)

1 day ago

Alright, do you make a stocking for your husband (I mean, do you help Santa make it, of course)? And what do you put in it? FYI: 6 new rolled-up pairs of underwear will fill up a stocking. For years, our family has been proud @tjmaxx hounds (ah--the treasure hunt!), and now with, you can treasure hunt at home. So many great guy stocking stuffers including, yes, name brand underwear he'll love. On the blog: how I shopped for four different specific gifts and scored. Any favorite guy stocking stuffers besides underwear? #ad #maxxlife

3 days ago

Some North Pole party pics on the blog today. 😀 Holidays can be a tough thing for ENFP’s to plan for because we love our shiny shoot-for-the-stars ideals. Magical movie scenes and editorial spreads of gorgeous art feed our creative soul, and we enthusiastically shoot our arrows toward them because it thrills us. As one of the personality explanation defines, “Campaigners can be easily tripped up in areas where their idealism and passion are more of a liability than an asset.” Which means Christmas is the gateway to disastrous disappointment. I’ve rewritten my expectations over the years to include the following: Expect that you will work hard to make everything perfect, but they might not notice everything you did. It’s okay. They notice subconsciously, and all these special things you do collectively gather to form the deepest, truest “I love you” that they will return to long after they’ve left the house. Do the special things only if they make you happy. If they stress you out, stop doing them. Choosing not to do them to be more present will also send the deepest, truest “I love you” that they will return to long after they’ve left the house. Expect that things will go wrong as they always do. So widen your expectations to include inevitable disappointment and instead set your starry-eyed heart toward this: You can’t control anything else but your behavior and reactions. Pour your holiday expectations into your own attitude. Model humor and resilience. Nurture and Notice. Hug your guests. Refill their glasses. Ask them questions. Serve with love. Put your phone down. Listen to the music. Taste the food. Initiate a game. Hold babies in your lap. Set the tone. Step back into childhood for a moment. Play. Watch a movie. Make note of all the things that make you feel grateful for right now. Be patient with the kids–they’re overstimulated and so excited about all of the fun that sometimes the excess has to bubble over in the form of meltdowns. Take a moment for yourself. Sneak off to your bedroom with a holiday cocktail and read a magazine for ten minutes if you need to decompress. Relax. Relax. Relax. More holiday expectations and festivities on the blog. 🌲

4 days ago

We’ve been invited to an elite Hide-and-Seek game tonight hosted by @heidiwish. We’ve been hearing about this serious competition that happens at her house when her parents visit for quite some time now. They have teams. And detailed rules. And they play at night in pitch black darkness. Like they tape over microwave clocks, wear black and plan hiding spots days in advance. Her mother curled up in the kitchen sink the other night and laid her head on the counter with dishes around it so no one would notice. Hiding spots are fiercely protected, and competition is nearly bloody. The mere thought of being part of this tonight has brought out sides of me I didn’t know I had. I left a message for Heidi’s sweet mother today that included the words “I’ll smoke you out of your hiding hole” and “Ima kick yer ass.” Their response is the second slide in this post, and I am DEAD.

5 days ago

Miss Mary Mack. Dash’s goal is, as always: learn it in three seconds and perform it perfectly, with no mistakes, better than anyone has ever performed it or else fall to the floor in a hysterically crying heap of giant failure and promise to never try anything else ever again. @brenebrown needs to get a line of children’s books out stat. On a completely different note, if you have someone on your gift list who knows every line of You’ve Got Mail and references it repeatedly in life, I have a little gift idea for you in my stories. One of the most fun gifts I’ve ever put together...could not wait for my sister to get it. Thank your, folks. Thank your.

6 days ago

I used duct tape for this fort, and a chandelier is holding it all up. Totally safe, right? 😳 He likes it. ❤️

1 week ago

Our home’s exterior Christmas theme is Tammy Faye. All the makeup. Christmas llama? Sure. Wreaths? Throw ‘em up there. Light-up topiaries...why not? A giant snowman? The more the merrier. And HELL YEAH THAT’S FAKE SPRAY SNOW ON THE FRONT DOOR. For the record, I’m in charge of the inside, and Brett’s in charge of the outside; and I have learned in marriage to pick my battles. Behind the gaudy mismatch is holiday enthusiasm...and I can 100% get behind that. ❤️

1 week ago

The 3-point hold-the-face-while-kissing move. 🙌🏻 We stopped by a Christmas tree tent tonight to inhale the scent. ❤️ This unexpected national day of mourning felt like a hug today. No holiday catalogues in our mailbox and a still gray Google page, reminding us in the busiest time of year to pause for love and loss. I loved seeing the Obamas and Bush family together—the genuine embraces, the tributes and hymns (oh, those hymns ❤️) and tears. To be collectively reminded in the middle of the holidays of the importance of family and the legacy we choose to leave—it was such a nice break in the news we are used to hearing these days.

1 week ago

#Ad Best way to kick off the holiday season? Host a holiday planning breakfast for friends. Exchange gift ideas, recipes, and tell favorite holiday stories. Keep it simple with yogurt and toppings, but add some fun with a Make Your Own Latte Bar. I set up my @Keurig K-Latte Single Serve Coffee & Latte Maker for my recent holiday breakfast so everyone could brew and froth their own personalized beverages. It also makes a great gift for coffee and latte lovers, so get your own in stores or online at @Walmart for $99. Feeling festive and thankful for friends to share this month‘s celebrations with. Head to my blog for all of the details! #brewthelove #keurig