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1 hour ago

Packing piles everywhere, dishes in the sink, half-dressed kids, slime-making session just out of frame...and then a stupid marital argument about the T.V. being on (I hate it on) that included exaggerated digs on both our parts (him: “We were enjoying that and now just because you want it off, it’s off. Selfish.” me: “You just can’t enjoy a moment, can you? Way to kill the peace.”). These kind of moments used to make me feel so much shame that the jig was up and we blew our cover—we weren’t the loving beautiful family I had in my mind; we were ugly and argumentative and lazy T.V. watchers. And then anger—mad at everyone for ruining my vision. And then resentment—it’s everyone else’s fault. If there’s one thing that has made me freer, happier, more hopeful, grateful and creative in life, it’s embracing the gray areas, the “both”, the muddy middle. It’s not black and white. It’s not beautiful peaceful family vs. ugly fighting family. We are both. We are loving, messy, passionate people, and what I see as most beautiful now are nights like this. Scraping through the grit of real life, laughing at our ridiculousness, apologizing for the stories we built in our mind and acted on, talking through compromises and following with excited planning for our big summer trip at the end of this week. I fully expect it to look a lot like tonight...and I embrace it. ❤️ I enjoy it all so much more when I’m not fighting an impossible vision in my head.

1 day ago

After a month of travel for meaningful work I love, I’m home to begin the second leg of our summer with one thing on the bullseye: this family I love. ‘specially when they’re wearing yellow bikinis. 😍 Also, I finally saw the Mr. Roger’s documentary today, and LORD HAVE MERCY. I love that man so much. What a message the world needs right now. Cried from the moment it started to the very end.

4 days ago

Becoming a parent is a wild ride that will, no matter how smoothly things go for you, take you on some unexpected turns. This little tribe of moms can attest to that, and we had so much fun spending the morning together, talking about accepting our unique paths, community, inclusion and the bad word in parenting (balance). You can watch our Facebook Live from the link in my stories. 😀 We kept our swears out of it too! @changingthefaceofbeauty @_ashleymontano @colettecosky @amanda_booth @infantinobaby

4 days ago

It’s 4:45 am, can’t sleep, grabbed my phone and this is what pops up. Watched it, and I’m done. So completely done. I’ve had political discussions with so many friends and family members, truly trying to understand this administration’s policies, pushing myself to scrape away media hype and bias to understand facts, but the ugly just keeps surfacing. This horrific pulling kids from their parents and erecting tent cities shit sounds straight out of a movie, and I can’t believe it’s happening in our country. I’m tired and sad and outraged. I don’t love to bring politics to my feed, but this is a no-brainer because if there’s one thing I know I stand for, one thing I celebrate openly, it’s kids and families and the way we belong together. What can I do? Well, I went to buy a bathing suit online last night and stopped myself right before the purchase was finalized. Opened and donated the price of the bathing suit there instead. I can swim naked for all I care. Also, regarding this headline...Piss off special needs moms: MESS WITH THE BULL, GET THE HORNS.

1 week ago

And the Academy Award for Best Performance in a Supportive Father Role goes to...❤️

1 week ago

We connected his freckles to give him a constellation. We named it Little Dragon. It's my favorite constellation in the universe. ❤️ 💫🌒

1 week ago

On her way to Bloomingdales to buy a hat which will turn out to be a mistake.

1 week ago

I am so proud to call my incredibly expressive father my best friend and so grateful that he’s here, healthy and vibrant and so very much a part of our lives. There is a part of me that has always believed he is invincible, tethered to life by his own vibrancy and the eternal youth that feels locked in place by the strength of our family structure–we are all here, we are life lovers, we are grateful, we are years from heartache, years from ever having to think about what it’s like to have older parents or to lose them. And I still believe that. But when my dad’s brother died two years ago, it brought the sobering truth that so many broken hearts have experienced–that we can’t hold our fathers’ hands forever. And I lose my breath at the the mere thought of what that would ever feel like because my dad’s presence is so big, so colorful, so expressive, that a world without him feels dull. The gift of an unfiltered expressive father on the blog today. ❤️

1 week ago

I'm having an emotional affair with jumpsuits. Thought you needed to know.

1 week ago

So there are a few things my friends know they'd have to step in and take over if anything were to happen to me (Dear God, just get them to school), but the things that matter most in fatherhood, he nails. The 4 Rules of Fatherhood this man has written, on the blog today. And I love these blasts from the past. ❤️

1 week ago

I met Brett when Brandyn was Dash's age, and tonight we celebrated his 20th birthday. There are all sorts of beautiful complexities layered into blended families and marriages with a significant age gap, but one of the unique gifts is having a mirror to the future--getting a taste of raising teens, seeing Brett as a father of older kids, knowing first hand how fast this all goes by. There are so many things about my life that I never could have imagined years ago when I naively had it specifically planned out. But when you drop the movie reel dream and embrace life as an adventurous travel journey--destination, where the wind blows--all these crazy experiences and beautiful relationships become stamps in your passport, write chapters in your book and add depth to your story. Fluffy easy-read books are a dime a dozen. Let our lives be literature worth writing. ❤️ So glad these Hampton boys are part of my story.

1 week ago

My little prayer I keep repeating this year: please let this beloved old dog of hers stay alive through her transition to middle school. ❤️ Also we cleaned and organized her room, closet and drawers today, and it took THREE HOURS. With every new school uniform shirt we folded, she scoffed, "HIDEOUS. UGLY. HATE IT." 😂