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@elizavetaporodina   I do what I do. //@theindustrymgmt @sonjaheintschel //personal : @atevazile_anidorop

10 hours ago

I think I will always love this. Talking about facing life , leveling up and going along with the changes it offers us.

2 days ago

Alex & Mathilda, some time ago

3 days ago

One of my favorite images of the last couple of years...

6 days ago

Sometimes life is complicated, non - linear, metaphoric, absurd, sad, hilarious, and it always teaches you something. This something is around. You just have to look for it. #cecilieraebel #leaddevelop #metaphors

1 week ago

If there is a sense out there, it's probably on the other side of the experience. #windows #installation