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@elisabethhasselbeck See full size profile   Daughter of God ~Wife of Tim~ Mom of 3 fun kids. Celiac. Loves to run 👟. 📖“Point Of View” 💙 beats for: @teamRwb @pos_project @danitaschildren #Haiti

1 week ago

Grow and learn from the yesterdays and move toward the YETerday. Something I’ve been thankful to share and be open about with groups of young women, graduates, and young mommas- as we can all get stuck in the regret, or mistakes, or the shame of “yesterday”...and I always need love a fun way to remind myself of what is to come, what God promises, and in the in-betweens —- we get to focus on using our unique gifts on the way!! We are met in the yet... we are loved in the yet... we have grace and mercy in the yet... and the promise of all to come in the YETerday. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

1 week ago

A friend let me know @theviewabc re-Ran the segment for my #Pointofviewbook — what a day that was!! 💕 #reunion -in light of that I’m Reposting the thoughts God gave me about 3.5 years ago after taking a step back and time to reflect and pause : “”After decades in the political ring- I am choosing the discipline of seeing it this way from now on ... and go from there. “Love one another as I have loved you.” He said. James 1:27 “”🙌 Matthew 5:9

2 weeks ago

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” Jeremiah 1:5 Isaiah you are 10!!! A decade plus of smiling- and bringing us so much joy! You have so many gifts and truly are a gift to all of us!!! A true teammate on and off the field, an amazing chef, creative artist, and chief celebration officer who loves to create something special for everyone around : today we celebrate YOU!!! #10 🏈💙🙌💯👨‍🍳🤴🏻🧢

3 weeks ago

Today I got to do what I’ve longed to do. Tim and I began “falling” for each other while on a ropes course. At important junctures I’ve had the blessing of taking Grace, and then Taylor on a ropes course 1on 1 and today- Isaiah did it!! Each time , I cannot help but see the visual for growth in faith, the adventure of trust, and experience the reward through the challenge. Today- the only way to face the fear, of letting go of the one moving “known” log was to true that the harness held you (even if falling a bit until the catch would be uncomfortable at best!!) - and letting go in order to progress forward. Faith requires leaving one thing with the trust in the promise that God will not let you go. It was still scary- but not without the promise of being held. It still @requires stewarding the gift of strength and agility. It still requires being encouraged by my son. Isaiah I’m so impressed with your bravery (moving scared) . Just like your brother and sister and daddy -today you experienced a glimpse of what being held by God is like today . 💪🏽💯 #FaithIsAdventure #lettinggotogetsomewherenew

4 weeks ago

“You have to meet Wynter. She is so special.” - Almost 4 years ago, I got the invitation to hug the woman who through her writing had deeply ministered to me. Immediately she felt like a friend I had known forever. Her hug was more of a “welcome home” than a “nice to meet you”. Her smile familiar and bright and intentional. One year ago on this date @forgirlslikeyou received Heaven’s welcome. I stand grateful to not have missed an invitation from @jeanniecunnion to have time with Wynter. And I stand with hope and trust that Wynter’s hug awaits us all one day as she welcomes us home on God’s timing. The promise He keeps is that truth. @pittsjr26 Thank you for continuing to let us know more and more about Wynter through #emptied , your heart, and your praise. Your girls are bright lights reflecting that promise. It has been a joy to get time with them💕 We are with you and your family today. My heart was one of so many blessed with freedom through the message the Lord gave to Wynter to share with grace and truth and love. #wynterslegacy

1 month ago

“Remember who you are.” The message that one young lion heart needed to hear. A message my older human heart needed to hear. A message our children needed to hear. The Lion King started off as a nostalgic and curious adventure to see what this real life meets animation film could do... What would it be like? Amazing. And it startled me with a spirit message that I needed. The reminder to remember Who we are. And WHOSE we are. Seeing the young lion realize that he was the son of a king pointed my mind to focus on the truth- That we: are all the reflection of our heavenly king Sons and daughters of a king He is in us. We are His With purpose and permission to live and love with the crown. 🦁 👑

1 month ago

From saving the date to savoring the date. #17 years with this cowboy and he still lifts me off my feet. I thank God for being so gracious to me with this man @tim_hasselbeck who honors God, keeps Christ at the center, leads our family from that point, makes me feel safe in his arms, reminds me who God says I am, makes me giggle, and loves me so well! Cheers to a deep love and simple sweet date nights 🍦 🥪 TGBTG ~ #itsamazinghowyoucanspeakrighttomyheart 💕

1 month ago

🇺🇸 God Bless this Great Nation Land of the free because of the Brave 🇺🇸 God Bless our Nations Service members 🇺🇸 Thankful for traditions that pledging allegiance to our Flag🇺🇸 Thankful for a community that comes together to walk a mile in red white and blue to celebrate the 4th of July upheld by those who have stood for and continue to stand for Liberty and Justice for All 🇺🇸 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 #RaisingPatriots #usa #Blessings