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@elisabethhasselbeck  Daughter of God ~Wife of Tim~ Mom of 3 fun kids. Founder of Nogii (gluten free protein snacks!) 💙for: @teamRwb @pos_project @danitaschildren #Haiti

1 week ago

“He went so others could come down.” #wellescrowther Remembering our brave friend today at the breakfast table, and a remembrance run delivering red bandanas to as many firehouses to honor Welles Crowther and the lives of those who were taken, the many that were shaken with loss, that they are not forsaken. We are with you. To those who served that day, we thank you. For those who decided to serve since that day- we thank you. For those who grieve- we are with you. For the resiliency of a Nation - I’m thankful. My prayers to all the families and friends of those who deserved more days on earth. May we #neverforget https://www.maninredbandana.com/ @bostoncollege #september11 #neverforget

4 weeks ago

Heaven received a hero today. Ten years have gone since I made this tee shirt (second photograph) to express how I felt about Sen. John McCain. It was an honor to write #GreatAmeriCAINhero and across my heart pledge my respect and support for a patriot who pledged his belief and devotion to the foundation of our nation in a way that most could not imagine. This nation was blessed by his sacrificial service- @meghanmccain I pray the peace in knowing the heavenly welcome your father received, be yours. May your heart always feel him near.

1 month ago

#Instablur : when the #MomDesk hits the wall. I’m giggling because I am am really needing to get my act together. And this is me being accountable!! We love our kids so much- and whatever our gifts are (baking, time together, creating something fun for their space, adventuring) we do our best to make then feel seen and known and loved by God. These back to school setups let them know that they are “loved beyond measure” : but if you look what’s blurred out in the background : it is blurred out in real life too!!! A hot mess. And now the balance is off... just enough for me to realize that my lack of attention to the command center (be it my heart, or my home base #momdesk ) only leads to the inability to lead their hearts and days well. I’m tackling this before it tackles me. 🙌 #NotTakingTheSack 🏈

1 month ago

This one is *not* about gluten or my gut- It is about God and my heart. Decided on a cover with the help of the kids and sweet creative friends!!! I Have been blessed with a foreword written by the courageous and beautiful soul @candacecbure - I don’t deserve your words girl!!! And though it does not release officially until April- the Pre order this week startled me!!! And it feels a little scary to share so much (lessons learned the hard way/ big mistakes/ graceless moments ) - So: I pray for His courage to work through me. And- when that “who cares anyway/ what does my story matter!?!” moment... sneaks in- I pray for the confidence that glorifying Him ALWAYS matters. It matters to Him. If nothing else- writing this pointed my eyes to Him. Praying thanks to all those on the journey who taught me such lessons on mercy and pursuit and grit and grace!!! #pointofview #untilISeeitGODSwayImNotSeeingAtAll (photo credit: Wiff Harmer Photography - she makes me smile ) 🙏💙

1 month ago

Today our sorrow and loss is Heaven’s gain. Wynter Pitts @forgirlslikeyou dedicated her heart to God and pointed her brave and beautiful girls’ eyes to the promise of the cross and heaven. She pointed my eyes there. She pointed Grace’s eyes their with her words, he writing, her heart. Please pray for her family. We have been waiting to welcome them to Nashville and now we wait with hope and faith for the day sweet Wynter welcomes us all to our forever home one day. That is the promise, that I’ll cling to as I pray peace and comfort and strength over those grieving the loss of this incredible woman on earth. https://www.gofundme.com/pittsfamilysupport #sheisyours

2 months ago

#sweet16 : sure has been sweet! 🚘 the blessing. The growth. The love. Certain that roads traveled with you have been meant to be, snd I’m secure because you are in the driver’s seat, and that Only God knows what the road ahead holds as He holds us. Thankful to be your wife, Tim. ❤️ #anniversary #soinlove

2 months ago

#eaglecharge Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

3 months ago

After decades in the political ring- I am choosing the discipline of seeing it this way from now on ... and go from there. “Love one another as I have loved you.” He said. James 1:27

3 months ago

#chaptering about my dad was one of the most joyful set of days for me. It began with recalling his words and wisdom and encouragement and it was a heavenly glimpse into how God looks at us- as his children. Dad: You leaned in with love and encouragement when I doubted. You showed up for me when I was up to bat and walked out no less proud to call me your daughter when I struck out. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for seeing courage for me until I could reach up for it. Thank you for seeing me and all that I was becoming and giving me the chance to know unconditional love so clearly. #happyfathersday I love you daddy.