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@egofaptor  Host of Game Grumps and voice actor on shows and co-owner of Real Good Touring and rapper in Starbomb

2 weeks ago

Dressed up for the Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 10 Finale taping!!

4 weeks ago

I am LIVING for Alita rn

1 month ago

Enjoying the beautiful countryside of Bristol

1 month ago

I will complete the triforce by posting the third iteration of the same picture posted on @gamegrumps and @danny__avidan

1 month ago

Good people at a good show put on by good people I’m very happy in this moment.

1 month ago

Last night my brother and I surprised my mom for her birthday! We had a candlelight dinner outside by the pond. It was so nice!!

1 month ago

Short business trip to Brooklyn was dope. Cool town! Food c/o Salt and Charcoal

1 month ago

Got to experience something I’ve always wanted!! The Barcade in Brooklyn has a very rare arcade machine called Golly! Ghost! It’s an early 90’s lightgun shooter that harkens back to the early arcade days. The screen is reflected onto a glass pane that is laid over a real, practical backdrop of a house, where the doors all open mechanically! I was so thrilled!!!

1 month ago

Tonight at 7:30pm Pacific is the season 1 finale of Mighty Magiswords in which I voice a grown up Phibby Croax!! I am so proud to be a part of this show and I can’t wait for you to see this episode!!

1 month ago

Staying as hydrated as possible at ren faire

1 month ago

I’m having those sick dumps

2 months ago

I climbed a rock wall with sandals on ama