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@effektarchitects  We are a Copenhagen-based studio operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism and research.

2 days ago

Inauguration is set. @campadventuredk observation tower opening March 31st!

1 week ago

We are officially back from the holidays and ready to get 2019 started! The past year was a year of construction sites and it seems like 2019 will be too: with 10 projects currently under construction, there is so much to look forward to this year! #Effekt #EffektArchitects Image credits: EFFEKT, SLA, Amager Bio

1 month ago

Office visit to @campadventuredk tower construction site! In spite of the challenging weather conditions, the project is moving forward as scheduled and its topping-out ceremony will take place tomorrow. After the exciting visit we are truly looking forward to the public opening in February 2019! #Effekt #EffektArchitects

1 month ago

The construction of Rosenhøj Student Housing has started! Following the successful and sustainable transformation of Rosenhøj social housing area in Aarhus, the new student housing will provide a new attractive and welcoming accommodation for the youth of Aarhus, the Danish city with the highest concentration of students. #Effekt #EffektArchitects

1 month ago

E/F Enghave Centret is located on one of the main streets of Vesterbro neighborhood in Copenhagen, the namesake Enghavevej. As part of the thorough renovation, the old 1970s windows have been replaced with new high-performance ones, increasing significantly the insulation of the apartments from the street noise. #Effekt #EffektArchitects

1 month ago

A very fast recap of the process behind the design of the balconies and staircase of E/F Enghave Centret renovation project. More than 37 options were tested to ensure improved daylight conditions combined with maximal functionality! #Effekt #EffektArchitects

2 months ago

What if you could transform polluted waters and disused docks into urban fish farms, where seafood can be bred, harvested and served on site in top class restaurants? The floating platform of Harbour Farm acts as the connective element between below and above surface – combining production, consumption, education and recreational activities into one location. #Effekt #EffektArchitects

3 months ago

Above the trees! 🍂 At the @campadventuredk tower construction site a new extension of the temporary supporting structure has been raised, now reaching the height of 30 m above ground. This week, the middle section of the diagrid structure is being installed in place and connected to the bottom elements. #Effekt #EffektArchitects

3 months ago

Lemvig skatepark turns 5! Last week we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the harbour park opening. It is quite of a milestone for a project that was designed and built in a 16-weeks assignment and meant to be just temporary! Ph: Mads Krabbe - @mads_krabbe_fotografi #Effekt #EffektArchitects

3 months ago

There are plenty of social spaces inside Streetmekka Viborg! The informal meeting areas are distributed throughout the building in proximity to the activities – this way, it is easier to arouse interest and facilitate participation. ph: Rasmus Hjortshøj- @coast_studio #Effekt #EffektArchitects

3 months ago

The new Streetmekka Viborg is for everyone – scooter kids too! By making a see-through building with a clear and intuitive organization, we created an open and welcoming building, that could attract a variety of users from different backgrounds, ages and interests. ph: Rasmus Hjortshøj - @coast_studio #Effekt #EffektArchitects

3 months ago

Today @dezeen shares the story of Streetmekka Viborg: How to take the most generic building of them all – an industrial manufacturing warehouse – and transform it into a vibrant cultural hub for street sports and culture? Ph: Rasmus Hjortshøj - @coast_studio #Effekt #Effektarchitects

4 months ago

The aluminium ceiling of the pavilion at the Music Plaza in Amager, Copenhagen provides a sheltered event space with improved acoustics and doubles as a landmark for the square. ph: @enokholsegaard #Effekt #EffektArchitects