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52 minutes ago

We are all a little under the weather over here and I found myself doing a little google search for “eat live run noodles” to see what sort of things I’ve come up with over the years that could heal us. 😂 . . This recipe is a gem! Chicken and Noodles in Spicy Peanut Coconut Broth needs to be on all of our meal plans for the week...especially if you’re nursing a summer cold/ sinus infection like me. . . Find the recipe in my profile and right here at ❤️🍜

9 hours ago

The Sunday breakfast chronicles. 🙌🏻 Sourdough French toast with @kerrygoldusa butter, maple syrup and @butcher_box pork sausage! We’ve now tried two things from our box (filet mignons and the sausage) and both have been REALLY delicious!

2 days ago

Friday gardening vibes. 🌱 We’ve got collards, green beans and carrots ready to pick, and tomatoes and strawberries coming soon! Luke is currently loving the radishes, which he immediately brings into the kitchen to be slathered with salted butter. 😂😂 #foodiekids #beaughfamilygarden #growyourgroceries

2 days ago

Today’s breakfast of champions! Sourdough toast with butter + a smoothie with peaches, raw milk, almond butter, honey and @vitalproteins collagen peptides. Happy Friday!

3 days ago

22 weeks and working on getting brave enough to put my boys in the same room and transform this room to the nursery! 😬 💙

3 days ago

I’ve been using @primallypure products for a year now and can’t rave about them more. I LOVE the almond and vanilla body butter, everything spray (I use this as a toner at night and in the morning), deodorant and the baby balm. . . In fact, the baby balm has been the ONLY thing that has worked naturally to help clear up Luke’s severe eczema! He literally used to scratch the tops of his hands and feet until they bled...but then I thankfully found Primary Pure and it’s really helped keep it under control. . . Making the switch to all natural beauty products has been a huge game-changer for me. I plan to write a whole blog post about it, but in the meantime I have partnered up with @primallypure to give you guys 15% off their products in case you want to try. The link is in my profile and just use the code EATLIVERUN at checkout. Offer is good for the next week! 💫

3 days ago

Today’s breakfast! @joseybakerbread whole wheat griddle cakes topped with grassfed butter, maple syrup, pecans and fried egg. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

4 days ago

Sharing my official summer happy drink on the blog tonight. ⛱ These Watermelon Lime Coolers are EVERYTHING right now - a fun cross between a smoothie and an agua fresca and so simple to make. 🍉 . . Find the new recipe on the blog tonight! Link in profile and - . .

4 days ago

I was killing it on the breakfast front this morning before a grubby little cherry stained hand got my egg. Three fried eggs, bacon and kale cooked in bacon grease! Yes sir. 🥓🍳

5 days ago

Here’s the breakfast I keep coming back to, especially while pregnant because I’m just so darn HUNGRY and this is the only thing that fills me up. 😋 . . I have a full blog post on the details of how I make my overnight oats, but real quickly here is what I do: the night before, I soak 1/2 cup oats with 1/2 cup milk (we use raw!). In the morning, I add a big scoop of plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon, maple syrup, berries and either a sprinkle of granola or nuts. I’ve been loving this grain-free granola I’ve been finding at Costco lately (swipe through to see!). It has the perfect amount of crunch! ⚡️ My kids don’t really do overnight oats, but I do make them yogurt bowls with plain Greek, granola, berries and a little maple syrup in the morning! Today I added a cherry on top and called it a sundae. 💁🏼‍♀️

1 week ago

Looking for a last minute meal dad will LOVE?! 😍😍 Everyone raves about these Pork Chops with Caramelized Onions, Grilled Nectarines and Gorgonzola Cheese. They really are the PERFECT summer meal and this pregnant lady is drooling just looking at the photo. 😂 . . Find the recipe in my profile link and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! 💙💙 . .

1 week ago

I hadn’t a clue when we got married of the type of dad you would be. Turns out, you’re the type who sings to my pregnant belly, handles the kids with ease and never seems to need a break. I’m so glad to be raising all these boys with you, @abeaugh, and if I’m lucky, they will turn out exactly like you. 💙 Happy Father’s Day, my love!

1 week ago

Last dinner in Tahoe and it was my favorite. Until next time!🍕🍕🍕 (I already have killer heartburn from this pizza but it was so worth it! 🤣)

1 week ago

Luke has been my baby for the past two years. I am so excited to see him become a big brother, too! He’s already seeming so much older to me...😭😭

1 week ago

Vacation vibes 🍦⛱ (dress from @notperfectlinen and it is AMAZING pregnant or not. I’ve officially entered the pregnancy land of “resist the pants”, and thus will be living in super comfy, roomy dresses from here on out! 💃🏼)

1 week ago

If you find yourself in Tahoe, you MUST eat at Moe’s barbecue! I am so impressed and hereby declaring them to have the best pulled pork (that I have tried) in California. It makes sense seeing as the owner is from Alabama (I literally went back and asked because I was so impressed). 😬 This is “bama style” pulled pork with both white and red barbecue sauce, slaw, griddled cornbread and sweet potato casserole. Mama and baby are HAPPY right now. 😍😜

1 week ago

Pure JOY. 🐳 (down to the long line of slobber and sand/dirt all over his face 😂).

1 week ago

Luke’s first experience with the epic dipped frosty cones from the Char Pit did not disappoint. 🍦😜 (this was a kids size. I am scared to know what the regular size looks like! 😂)