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1 day ago

Orange you glad we are putting out new music this week??? @majorlazer

1 day ago

When i created a smol version of me I was nervous and scared and I wasn't sure I was going to be a great dad.. I don't think anyone knows how much work it is to be a good father. Today I've already promised my sons I'll get them a rainbow Lamborghini and build them a robot that does all their homework. besides promises I can't keep.. it's father instinct that kicks in everyday when you look at this smol person and it's a reflection of yourself and you want to be better and want the best for them. Including a better world, so creating a new great human is what's we are here to do as humans so let's not f*#% this up ok guys.. Now after a few years I know it was the best thing I did in my life to become a father. Better than any song, any award any accomplishment. But it's also my greatest responsibility, And every day I know it's a blessing to do it and their lives are in my hands so I've got to concentrate so they turn out crazier than . Also shout out to my dad for giving me all the tools to be a dad .. Here's a picture from Disney yesterday 🥵

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2 days ago

I want the chips with the dip

4 days ago

Annnnnnnnd back to the elliptical machine

4 days ago

Congratulations little lady, thanks for letting me be part of Madame x .. 14 albums deep and u always work like it's your debut album - You are an inspiration. Also this is the only picture I could find together right now sorry

4 days ago

With 2019 Pride underway I want to take a moment to state, without the contributions of the LGBTQ Community we would not have the creative landscape, imagination, and sheer compassion in the music industry that we do today. I stated this last year and I still stand by it. For me Pride month isn’t just parades and resistance but its about a generation of fearlessness and innovation in my world. We need to remember how important it is to be aware and show empathy to everyone. We should be fighting for equal rights for all (it’s not just a privilege, but a responsibility), but also protection. Let’s not forget what those who have come before us have fought so tirelessly for. The right to love, the right to express, and the right for freedom to be who they are without hate and without fear. At the end of the day that’s what music is all about to me - love, expression, and freedom. We have come a long way but for many this fight for equality and understanding is far from over, which is why Pride month is so important. It’s a way to not only celebrate the accomplishments that have been made, but to create visibility for those who are still struggling and let them know that there is a community for them. A community that is here to love them, to lift them up, to listen, to strengthen them, and help them...one love always

5 days ago

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6 days ago

rise n grind 💯 my future is BRIGHT✨ john 3:16 💕 #success #life

1 week ago

i work out best when i have live Austrian jazz music playing obviously @menshealthmag

1 week ago

Had a great gender reveal party