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1 week ago

Sri Lanka launches major tourism drive in China Sri Lanka tourism Promotion Bureau launched a major charm offensive in China recently, courting some of the most popular travel agencies and tourists in a bid to lure more Chinese visitors to the city. #SriLanka #SoSriLanka #China #VisitSriLanka #BestPlaceToTravel Visit:

2 weeks ago

Did you know that Leopards are very solitary and spend most of their time alone. They each have their own territory and leave scratches on trees, urine scent marks to warn other leopards to stay away! Males and females will cross territories, but only to mate. #SoSriLanka #SriLanka #BestPlaceToTravel #VisitSriLanka #SoWild Visit:

2 weeks ago

Sri Lanka Tourism launches special packages for Indian tourists A press conference to promote Sri Lanka tourism to Indian markets was held in Mumbai and New Delhi, with the participation of Sri Lankan delegates meeting over 200 travel agencies, with the participation of 100 media houses. The event was followed by an interactive session between the parties graced by Sri Lankan Bollywood actress Ms. Jacqueline Fernandez. During this event special tour packages were unveiled to Indian tourists including discounted airfare, accommodation, transportation and many more ranging from 30% to 60%. #SoSriLanka #SriLanka #BestPlaceToTravel #IndianTourists #SpecialPackages #VisitSriLanka Visit: