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@damylizrobles  Travel, Create beautiful memories, Be Happy 💕 Seek to be worth knowing rather than be well known

1 day ago

It’s #tbt and this dinosaurs birthday 🎂 Wishing you forever blessings amor and a lifetime full of happiness 😘

1 week ago

Little decorations for the holidays ❄️ anyone else obsessed w candles 🕯 😍

3 weeks ago

Sometimes we overlook the little things that mean so much. Yes, be thankful daily for the wonderful people in your family. Give thanks for the amazing opportunities you’ve been given in life. Be blessed for many things. However, don’t forget to be thankful for opening your eyes today and having a fresh start at this thing called “life” !!! Thank yourself for making it through each day and pushing through all the negativity, stress and obstacles life throws at you. Be thankful and blessed to simply be YOU!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Xo 🤗

3 weeks ago

Good Morning ☀️Dont forget to welcome all positive energy today. Tips: 1.Start Your Day With Meditation 2.Treat Everyone the Way You Want to be Treated 3.Let Go of Your Need to Control 4.Learn to See the Positive in Every Situation 5.Visualize a Peaceful Life 6.Stop Worrying About the Future 7.Drop the Resentment Within 8.Stay as the Presence Instead of the Ego 9.Listen to Uplifting Music 10.Be in Nature

3 weeks ago

The doors we open and close determine the lives we live 🚪

1 month ago

Forever allergic to pendejadas 😂 anyone else with the same allergies ?!

1 month ago

This chair & beach is calling my name. 😍

2 months ago

When I’m missing the ocean and just need a few minutes of tranquility, besides my hammock in the backyard, I like coming to Santa Monica’s Ferris wheel during the day. 🎡🌊 There’s something about hearing the waves crashing on the shore, the beautiful views and the smell of saltwater that makes it so peaceful up there. Wheres your place to relax for a few minutes?!

2 months ago

I had so much fun running around like a loca in this beautiful place. Thank you @castpro_ for the video 🤗

2 months ago

Life is a gift and I’m enjoying it everyday 💝

2 months ago

One thing I love about California, besides the tacos, is that there are so many places to explore and things to see. Check out this “Integratron” built by ufologist George Van Tassel in the 50’s. He supposedly followed instructions by aliens from Venus to build this structure he claimed would be capable of time travel, rejuvenation and anti-gravity🛸 👽 🤷🏽‍♀️

2 months ago

Always a nice time at the Pier 🌟

3 months ago

To move to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.

3 months ago

Reminiscing about this beautiful city & trip with my love 💕

4 months ago

Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won and all the fears you have overcome. 🙌🏼 #mondaymotivation

4 months ago

This day was amazing. I got to walk through the caves and see all the petroglyphs, made by my ancestors, centuries before Columbus arrived to Puerto Rico in 1493😍 * fun fact: The great grandmother of my great grandmother (Agustina Rodriguez) was a Taina Indian still living in a cave in the mountains of Puerto Rico until a Spaniard man made her his wife, taught her Spanish and “civilized” her .. maybe that’s why the women in my family are so wild n loca lol but really.. this was a great experience and I never get tired of exploring when I’m there. 💕

4 months ago

Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality. Upgrade your belief to match your vision🙌🏼

4 months ago

Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends @sparkkl 🎂 wishing you an amazing day Amiga 😘