19 hours ago

I know your mama taught you to look both ways before crossing me😏

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1 day ago

Good to have me on your side... I ain’t saying that you need me 💋 Set from @fashionnova

2 days ago

Twinsss ❤️

2 days ago

Sorry this is just the cutest picture !! Red , you’re the epitome of a real man ! You came in and treated me as your own ! You’re so perfect with reign! You have to teach me how you put her to sleep so effortlessly !! Happy Father’s Day ! Enjoy 😘 I love you ❤️ @mrrushlife

2 days ago

Happy Father’s Day to you ! I thank God for multiple things when it’s referring to you ! The main reason is him blessing me with you as my father ! You’re my bestfriend , counselor ,(sometimes my bank teller ) , & more ! Today we celebrating everything you are to me and I’m thanking you for it ❤️ I love you dad 😘

2 days ago

Happy Father’s Day baby ❤️ you’re so good with your kids ! The joy and happiness in your eyes when you’re with them is priceless . If you wanna know what I respect most about you .. it’s the way you love and care for your kids . Enjoy your day ❤️ you deserve it 😘🍾🎊 @yfnlucci

6 days ago

Whatever you do sis , keep It cute sis 💋 In my @fashionnova