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As a public school teacher for over 30 yrs, the diversity of young kids that I have taught is one of the most fulfilling parts of my journey. To impact a young life is an amazing feeling. You are of the purest of heart when you are young and later in life you must choose for YOU not others... stay humble- respect others no matter what “realm” of life they walk ... but most of all—Love with a full heart ...for passion is the true nature that should guide us all... Happy Sunday to ALL my students—present-past- && future! 💗Ms J 🥰

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s!!! Today & always we give our hearts to the little gift(s) we will forever love & nurture heart is so full knowing you are each a little piece of me. Love you my three hearts... 💚💙❤️... mom 🥰

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MY CHUCA!!!! 😭... soooo excited tho... 😆.... My Spanish Doll!! Soooo Proud of you!! #loyolaherewecome 😎

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Thoughts.... 💭

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🔥 🥶.... BLUE 👀

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#saturday those few hours before.... ✝️