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4 hours ago

#Repost @21stnostalgia with @get_repost ・・・ 1. Harley 45 rockers with hardware. Old red and black paint. 83 shipped 2. Chrome 45 rockers hogged our for 5/8 axle. Come with hardware. 78 shipped 2. 7/8ths finch spiked top bamboo risers. 58 shipped. 3. Offset top clamp no ears with nice chrome. 88 shipped 4. Offset top clamp with Flanders dogbones. 250 shipped 5. In-line top clamp with no ears. 68 shipped 6. Rodan kicker cover to run hand clutch cable into cover to eliminate clutch arm and mousetrap eliminator. 100 shipped 7. Duoglide spears. 58 shipped 8. Round yellow fog lamp. 45 shipped 9. Rectangular yellow light. 45 shipped 10. Set of rectangular aris lights. 90 shipped. Text 925-250-4938 or dm @chopperswapper #chopperswapper

4 hours ago

#Repost @theepinkfink with @get_repost ・・・ Clean 1967 Harley Davidson XLCH. Starts and runs great, chrome frame, not registered but I have the title in hand. Very well kept bike. $5500, located in Sacramento, CA. I’d be happy to answer any questions, just DM. Thank you.

4 hours ago

#Repost @panheadmark with @get_repost ・・・ Super nice super clean 19 5 spoke invader was nos a few years ago. I put a few hundred miles on it then swapped to 21. I think the chrome is 9.5 out 10. $400 plus shipping

4 hours ago

#Repost @3austin5badley0 with @get_repost ・・・ 33.4 14” over stock front end, missing some bolts but everything moves freely. $300 19” sportster drum brake complete wheel $270 48# shaved lower tree super nice chrome $90 Crusty wide glide trees $80 Adjustable rake trees $110 Ironhead swing arm $30 Tear drop live to ride cover $20 #70a cam cover $25 #chopperswapper

4 hours ago

#Repost @samraps with @get_repost ・・・ Later shovelhead wideglide front end, In working condition. Stock length with a 16” dual flange wheel, has a cool rotor cover and most of a caliper. Located In Kansas City $400 plus shipping

4 hours ago

#Repost @samraps with @get_repost ・・・ Shovelhead frame in great shape, completely stock with one added tab. Great start for that winter chopper. No title no numbers. Located in Kansas City, $400 plus shipping

8 hours ago

See you guys this weekend @thekeystonecollective with @get_repost ・・・ First... I wanna thank everyone for their support thus far ! I also wanna thank the guys taking time out from their routine. Bringing bikes from all over the place. Finally..... I wanna let everyone know. There will be exclusive parking for choppers/early bikes etc. outside the venue . Those bikes will also be a part of the show. @springhousebeer has the perfect layout to make this possible. I want everyone to feel special about their own style and hard work! We’ll see you all soon! #thekeystonecollective #springhousebrewery

16 hours ago

#Repost @fun3ralparking with @get_repost ・・・ Some great stuff in this pile! I have specific pictures available for the items too. Prices INCLUDE shipping to the 48. WEST COST FOLKS.. add $10 on large or heavy items/ We'll get it right :) LICATED IN RICHMOND VA. If you're close I can work with you on shipping! -36 hole Akront 21" high shoulder round drop center rim, skinny! very nice! $130 // -BMW Snowflake 19"x2.15" $140 // -Shovelhead tanks with petcock, emblems and gas caps. I do not believe they're OEM. But I'm not 100% $180 // -OEM H-D Juice Drum hub $55 // -Iron Cross mirror, AEE I believe $33 // -FX Shovelhead battery box; tray, L2R Eagle, cap & strap, very nice! $65 // -AEE Narrow 41mm top tree $38 // -'57-'58 Ford spotlight & arm! Check out extra pics! 4" lense & awesome as hell! $183 // -Shovelhead primary mid ctrl plate $17 // -OEM H-D kicker pedal, a lil rough in the right ways $38 // -Pan style billet oil filter $37 -Twist on remote oil filter housing $20 -PINGLE petcock (hardish to turn, needs a gasket or spit) $55 -7/8" (shorter) pull back risers $30 // -1" (taller) pull back risers $32 // -repop early h-d master cylinder, works great! $38 // -LeBeef 35mm headlight bracket, v nice! $33 // -33.4mm & 39mm axles SOLD -35mm axle w/ speedo drive and caliper bracket and hardware $45 // -35mm forks and top tree (can include axle) $75 (we need to figure shipping) // OEM H-D lifter blocks. '73 date code and chome covers (have them) $53 // -cool ass taillight, see more pics! // PAYPAL FRIENDS& FAMILY to rustypipes5865 PLEASE INCLUDE- Name. Address & Part you're buying! Please and thank you!