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3 days ago

Staying home this summer? Go to our stories and fill out the application to rent a camera for the summer to provide a new perspective on the Nordic summer. As we see it, it’s a matter of what lens you see your surroundings with. The first brief for the interactive film project arrives May 29th #24hoursofnorth

4 days ago

Join our interactive film project as we capture 24 hours of the Nordic summer. Because what's right under our nose might deserve a second look. So all of you staying up north this summer become one of our 24H Creators and borrow the Canon EOS M50 this summer to create this film with us! #24hoursofnorth

5 days ago

Are you seeing the North through the right lens this summer? Apply to rent a Canon M50, keep it for the summer, and become one of our 24H creators with new photo briefs coming in each week. It is going to be an amazing Nordic summer, and we want to show all 24 hours – from dawn to night. Will you join us? #24hoursofnorth #canonnordic

1 week ago

Happy #InternationalDayofLight 💡. From spectacular shadows to cool silhouettes, there is no photography without light. How do you use light to get creative? 📷 @shotbychamp 📷 EOS 5D Mark III + 24mm f/1.4 📷 Shutter Speed - 30 seconds, Aperture – f/16, ISO - 100

1 week ago

Discover the beauty of the small things in life. Check out this stunning caption by @lateksik. Quickly after this picture was shot the sun started to warm up the weather #findamazingeverywhere #canonnordic 📷: Canon EOS 6D Mark II and EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM

3 weeks ago

Check out this cool portrait captured by @emiliastaugaard. We asked about her best photographer tips when shooting portraits. "I really like to have a conversation with the person I shoot. And then I love it, when the person is in motion instead of just standing still, because I think it makes people more relaxed and comfortable" #findamazingeverywhere #canonnordic

3 weeks ago

Check out these amazing surf pictures captured by our Canon photographer @hannessoderlund. "I am standing exhausted on the reef and this french surfer hits the wave in the beautiful light, right in front of me. Angry of myself for not being in the wave for a closer shot I’m thinking architectural and trying to center him instead" #findamazingeverywhere #canonnordic

3 weeks ago

Our Canon photographer @icelandic_explorer is working on this amazing project called @horsesoficeland to increase the awareness of the Icelandic horse. "One of the things I love most about the Icelandic horse is the connection it provides with nature. Riding on horseback, silently and peacefully exploring nature is a magical experience that has been part of life in Iceland for more than a 1000 years. During this time, the world has changed so much, yet the Icelandic horse remains the same” #findamazingeverywhere #canonnordic